Software Development Tool Integration

As software engineering tasks become increasingly complex, the need for efficient processes to manage that complexity, reduce programme risks and costs becomes paramount for success.

There are many drivers for integrating development tools, not least:

  • Increasing productivity, through automation and removal of repetitive & data-entry tasks
  • Minimising errors, reducing the opportunity for human errors to creep in
  • Detecting problems through automated cross checking, unit-testing and standards adherence
  • Enabling teams using diverse processes and tools to efficiently collaborate

Safety Critical User Interface Development

Importantly development teams pick the optimal software tools for their tasks. However all too often these tools do not share all the information they could do, or even fail to present their data in all the formats that are required. As partners with major tool vendors (IBM Rational, Mathworks, Atego, Presagis) we can produce tool integration solutions that help your development teams “work faster and smarter”.

Software tool integration can save a significant amount of implementation effort, the top drivers for software tool integration include:

  • Gather metrics and simplify complex processes
  • Simplify collaboration between teams / suppliers
  • Automatically generate meaningful design or test documentation
  • Detect bugs or loading issues prior to deployment
  • Check for consistency across a team or against a standard
  • Reduce development lifecycle time
  • Auto-code generation

    We have extensive experience with producing new software tools from scratch and also integrations between tools, including UML modelling tools, User Interface Development tools, Requirements Management tools and IDEs. Our experience and pre-built integration libraries enable us to delivery integration requirements quickly, so software teams can make the most of their domain knowledge experts to ensure their focus remains on product delivery.

  • Frequently a development process comes under scrutiny after a project is well underway and a problem has arisen or deadlines are missed.

    Sometimes throwing more engineering resource at a problem is not the best answer, instead an improvement in process and development tool integrations are more cost effective.

    As every clients situation is unique we offer no obligation consultations and can help you identify simple cost effective bespoke solutions to help you reduce development errors and improve productivity.

    Software Tool Integrations are often complex with the required development effort under estimated. Outsourcing tool integrations has numerous advantages:

    • The specialist task be done more cost effectively
    • Support can be arranged over the long term
    • All developers can remain focussed on project work.