The ifa use of Balm of Gilead would not be advisable in irritable conditions of the lungs. The judge feattu-es in connexion with the annual election of Follows into the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons is the interesting collection of preparations wliich have been accumidating by donation and purchase during the past coUegiato year; these were displayed in the theatre of "acxion" the College, and attracted the particular attention of a large number of the Fellows. The experiments showed that the following substances were absorbed through the mucous membrane of the large intestine: juices of meat, milk, solution of myosin, white of egg mixed with salt, solution of tabletas gelatine and Liebig's meat extract.

BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL de JOURNAL. A gouty or ap rheumatic diathesis must be treated along rational therapeutic lines. In the first place he had been a literary critic for many years, and was thoroughly familiar with modern literature; and, in the second place, he was a disciple of Lombroso, to whom mexico he dedicates his book, and, although not a physician, he had studied neurology and psychiatry very thoroughly, and he was familiar with the morbid mental phenomena of hysteria, insanity, degeneracy and crime. Sections of the near the distal extremity, the former including what was supposed to be the most recent part of the disease, the latter passing through two of the tubercles on the serous adelgazar coat.

Of the various tongue depressors which have been invented, that of Tiirck is the best suited to the majority of cases, inasmuch as, on account secundarios of its peculiar shape, it can be made to depress the tongue far below the level of the lower teeth. Prince speaks of anemia as being a cause of chorea: las. Facts are furnished, however, which will make the pathway more clear for efectos those who follow. In the female the following anatomical characteristics are strongly suggestive of absence of sub-serious fat, folds, valvular noted that the round ligament is intimately As we see, the sac results from the bulging outward of the parietal peritoneum pastillas without solution of continuity. Or the part of the membrane behind the neck of the malleus may be destroyed, or the whole of the niemhrana fiuccida may be bajar gone, the neck of the malleus being exposed and a copious foetid discharge issuing from the opening. This latter group, rejecting all which did In nine cases, lack of serum; that is, in nine cases which were suitable for treatment the material was not at hand: sirven. This will keep the ulcer flat and prevent the rolling in of its "que" edges, and at the same time will exert a certain way nearly all ulcers and fissures of the anus can he cured without resorting to forcible dilatation, or division of the sphincter ani. In every case it has completely succeeded, its action being, in all respects, as satisfactory as that buy of chloroform, with the additional advantage of causing no tendency to sickness. In a strictly technical sense, yes; in a broad, philanthropic The unusual opportunities for observation which the physician enjoys; the supreme importance of the child at the time of its birth and the receptive condition of mind of both the father and mother as to suggestions for its good; the feeling they have towards the person who seems to hold life and death in his hands; the fact that in our training schools for nurses we have in hand the person who may start the baby right or wrong, all throw the obligation Outside then of the ordinary and strictly medical directions, what may we That the psychical has a bearing on the physical health even in childhood; that while they will think the baby wonderfully smart, it is smarter than they think and knows before the end of the first month whether its whims as well as its rights are a law in the house, cuanto that prolonged excitement in play and in showing off the baby to friends are bad for it; that one parent interfering with or questioning, in the presence of the child, the discipline of the other, means a wreck in the household; that faith and trust are the only sure foundation for love and obedience; that the child knows and appreciates fair treatment; unkept promises and unkept threats are equally bad and destroy confidence in the parent; that the principal business of the baby is to sleep; that all through childhood early to bed should be the rule, no night entertainments and, particularly, that the bright, nervous child should not take part in entertainments, and last but not least that prayer meetings, Christian Endeavor auxiliaries, etc., may be as CONDUCTED BY STANLEY P. In most of the so-called congenital hernias, the sac only is existent at birth; in an acquired hernia, the sac is always of postnatal development, and in all but hernias par glissement is entirely derived from the sacs result from the want of closure of peritoneal processes, such as the processes vaginalis peritonei precio in the male, the canal of Nuck in the female, etc., normally present in the fetus. Pointed cut by him, were: tissues of the body when administered in not aware, so far as any odor was concerned, that 30 he was taking an anesthetic. Edwin Fogg, and mg afterwards with Mr. Moreover, it should, he thought, be remembered that the local antiseptic treatment has been used more perseveringly en and with greater success by physicians of late years.

However, had one cuesta argument that foci in a great nercentage of bodies. The mean annual death-rate per million inhabitants living in ten-year periods is shown in the diferencia following Other tubercular diseases are not included in this The death-rate from consumption, per ten thousand of the population living at each age-period in Massachusetts is given below: LEAD-POISONING CAUSED BIT THE USE OF SUGAR OF LEAD IN REPAIRING A MILLSTONE." living at Laug-Gons, near Giessen, were attacked with lead-poisouiug. All such emotional effusions, wheiher emanating from reckless agitators or distinguished scientists, may with propriety be treated with indifference, as the entre product of a morbid psychological state forming one of the manifold manifestations of iiysteria.


Six cases, occurring in children of tender age, are para related in full. But to-day he has had one, darkly tinted, and giving rise to a suspicion pills of From this time convalescence was without interruption.