In young children this may be applied with a camel's hair pencil. There is "supplement" a quilted cushion upon which the injured man sits, in addition there are three straps, one, the uppermost, is attached a little above where the main supports join, and forms a rest for the arms, and there are two more straps, one for the back, and one for the front of the patient, the back strap in addition supports the framework. If the bowels act oftener than twice a day, live for a short time on boiled rice, farina, starch, or boiled milk. If the lesion be limited to one or two segments of the cord the symptoms will be very limited; but if it extend throughout the entire length of the cord, and upward through the medulla and pons to the crus, the symptoms will be widespread and will involve the cranial nerves. It has seemed to me opportune, then, to discuss the question of the difficulty of inoculation by this method, and the true value of experimental results obtained in this way. The duration was too great for simple continued fever; and I know not any class of fever excepting Enteric to which Regarding the absence of enteric symptoms, it! may be as well to quote the following sentence from the last edition of Sir Charles Murchison's of the mildest cases of enteric fever, there is never i at any time diarrhoea, the absence of which is in With the facts that have been stated there seems i little need of giving reasons why the spread of the j disease should be thought due to simple contagion, j without the aid of polluted ingesta, which are the I the other. This is more liable to fermentation than is human milk, and must be sterilized by boiling before it is fed to the infant. For all kinds, time, flannel, warmth, with a light and cooling diet, are the great remedies. We propose to show, however, that his statement concerning the supposed effect of certain temperatures on the toxin of the bacillus cholera: suis, which he quotes from Selander, is entitled to no credence whatever. The inheritance of constitutional peculiarities, the liability to chronic inflammations, and the susceptibility to external influences are now regarded as conditions which help the microbe to establish itself within the body. Johnson's opinion, that often intermittent albuminuria is a prelude to the more persistent and fat.al form, while we know that artificial induction of albuminuria in animals is, after a short time, always followed by changes in the glomeruli and tubules. Hong Kong, now in the throes of its fifth or sixth outbreak, is an example of this, and it is the chief example we possess in modern times to guide us in our knowledge, or to indicate the behavior, of plague. The Legislature ought to make such a law, The Health Department of Chicago has issued a bulletin setting forth some curious and interesting facts marked effect in decreasing all"water-borne" diseases, such as typhoid fever, while, on the other hand, it greatly increased the"air-borne" diseases, such as scarlet fever, pneumonia, and diphtheria. These cases may call the attention of the profession to a medicine which I believe is still but The fifteenth annual meeting of the Canada Medical Association was held in Toronto on the Montreal, Secretary of the Association, read the minutes of the last meeting, which were adopted. The present state of the city with regard to typhoid is not encouraging. Nature tried to relieve this man, according to the history he improved somewhat, got up and went about. Manning, whose address of welcome on behalf of the people of Durham was listened to with appreciative enthusiasm. But it is the primary lesion; and on the other, if they are, whether the methods adopted modify it to any material extent. The mass was not larger than a common hazlenut, when first found, but was extremely painful at times, especially at the menstrual point; it was situated in the left mammary gland to the lower and outer side of the nipple; perfectly mobile, but from the first of a stony hardness. The spleen was large, hard, and dark in color. And experience seems to show that the retractile force increases with the dose of the drug which gains entrance to the tissues.

Finley to designate a Hoosier child, and what the boy probably told Mr. But we may be educated," led from" virtue to vice; from truth to error; so that in its largest acceptation, education is the being"led from" an old state or habit of thought, feeling, and action, into some other state of thought, feeling, and action.

Tumors of one ovary are often stated by the bearers to have originated in the side opposite to that from which they are found to grow. As an alternative arrangement a ring may be placed in the position pills of the hook, in which case the cable would carry the hook. Dear me; but I don't know how city folks do live so from hand to mouth. After bathing he favored rubbing the child with peptonized oil. The longitudinal seats in the interior were made of open cane-work, as were also reviews the backs for the patients to lean against. Tarkington wandered far afield, but he came home, largely, I imagine, under the influence of Riley's movies of Indiana life, and has given us genuine Indiana novels in'' Seventeen'' and'' The Turmoil,'' and genuine Indiana sketches in"Penrod." He had a"shouting Methodist" ancestry that ought to account for the emotional and impulsive sides in a descendant; and, by the way, the Methodists are committed to the grand piece of mosaic, in which all the colors are united, to the obscuring of none and the enhancing of the luster of each, the typical Indiana man is dependent on every element for completeness, yet as a whole is dissimilar to any part. The position of the wounded man or of an injured limb, the mode of progression of the bearers, the steps to be taken in "ahhh" case of the occurrence of a variety of accidents to which each particular kind of injury may be specially liable, are to be determined and prescribed by the surgeon. If there were sufficient assistants at hand no wounded man, not even those with the simplest flesh wounds, should be permitted to go to the hospital unattended: detox. Breathing, though absolutely necessary for life, might be made easier, and by tracheotomy the larynx might be relieved from active participation in respiration.