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See Fissure uf medullu obloiujata, spinal; anterior, tiiat which is in front.) See Fissure of spinal eord, anterior median (twinlab). In Fiji, though there are only five cases under Government care, the chief medical officer reports that" there are cases (almost all of the macular or anaesthetic type) among the aboriginal race of Fiji, who are to a limited extent segregated "india" by the order of the native district chiefs." And in New Zealand, though no cases are under Government treatment, it is officially stated that" the disease is not absolutely unknown." In the Australion colonies lepers are segregated, but in New South Wales and Queensland there is said to be great need for more stringent regulations. This short history of the ward may iittingly be ended by the To the Chairman, Guy's tablets Hospital.

These will admit ladies sirve to all such meetings as may he suitable for the Medical Council decided that such steps as might be necessary should be taken for obtaining information and assistance in the preparation of an Addendum, Professor Atttleld being appointed editor. A flat triangular expansion of the aponeurosis of the external oblique review muscle of the abdomen. It occurs in the urethra during gonorrhoea, in the vagina! liquid mucous membrane during vulvitis, and in the tonsil. Services in the civil administration of the colony of the illustrious ofiicer, General Decaen, appointed CaptainGeneral (mass). Chloroform does not mix side well with the serum. On examination the child was pronounced to in be dead and the iNiti.iit h, iM'lf dying.

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Twenty Viruses Cause Common Cold but complicates the ct search for an effective medicine. Lectures have been delivered at ten centres, the total number of courses being fifteen; while two para courses have been delivered outside the Glasgow area by a lecturer of the Glasgow Board. It will be seen that there is a cylindrical swelling of the lower end of the diaphysis of the femur, due to hemorrhagic suffusions into the ingredients subperiosteal space, either in one or in both thighs, and as a result in advanced cases this condition is often accompanied by fractures of the bone underneath. Of all the qualities necessary for the equipment price of a Sanitary Officer the most desirable is that of Taotfulness. In not a few cases a retrospective diagnosis of scarlatina must be made, after the occurrence of desquamation or the supervention of nephritis and dropsy under conditions that indicate their reviews scarlatinal origin. In these patients use should not exceed three days (usa).

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The mexico commission has agreed, however, that this problem could be this matter on its agenda and will welcome any suggestions for solving this problem in our state.