On going into the room at twelve o'clock at night I found the nurse fast asleep, well wrapped up in Government blankets, while the patient lay in a semi-conscious condition, halfnaked and very cold.

My idea in this treatment is to fight against the destruction of tissue which is produced by the very high temperature. Sooner or later the submaxillary and cervical glands become involved, though tills is notalways so, and cachexia develops only after the disease has existed for some time. Appetite and digestion at this time were perfect The overwork brought on severe and obstinate attacks of intercostal neuralgia, which required morphine to relieve the pain. Ilenle describes a muscular slip sjiriuging from the fascia at the lower border of the gluteus maximus, and inserted into the lower surface of the triangular ligament. They do not originate in the dura mater, but have been shown by Luschka to be simply hypertrophied arachnoidal villi which have grown through reviews the dura. There is much more anatomical probability in supposing the fluid in question to be prostatic secretion. This man received an injury about a year ago, caused by the fall of a telegraph pole upon his head. Among the secondary diseases of the pancreas must be mentioned metastatic tumors and abscesses; also hyperemia and chronic interstitial inflammation, the result of venous congestion, in chronic affections of the heart, lungs, or liver. I then thought of the rongeur, and always carried it afterward, but I did not have one with me, and was therefore obliged simply to cut away the soft mucous covering surrounding the vesical orifice, and to mince the edges and bar between the lobes by repeated wrappings with the scissors points. Still others regard it as a division of the Crustacea containing only the Phyllopoda and Cladocera.

Examination showed that he had left-side hemianopsia; the interior of the eyes and the movements of the eyes were perfectly normal, the pupils reacted perfectly to light when the light was on either the blind or the seeing side, and the division between these parts was perpendicular and almost perfectly straight. Concerning the symptomatology and treatment of other morbid growths, there is scarcely anything to be added to what was said when speaking of their pathology, since most of them are without symptoms, and neither diagnosis nor treatment is satisfactory.

While it was not extracted by the"attending jihysician, he maintained that no doubt existed as to the correctness of the patient's statements that the worm had actual l,y been passed. The hyperkeratosis spri'ails backward and the plate is raised from its bed, becomes daiker anil darker in color, even to blackness, and its surface shows transverse depressions or ridges. Apparent at(Wpta oeenrs in myopia, and ocoasionaliy in liriumffieicQey of the internal recti muscles. Collections of pus, which resemble abscesses, but genetically differ from them, may result from closure of gland-ducts, causing cysts, the contents of which become purulent. The treatment is entirely surgical and nearly always intranasal. The subjoined will exhibit the usual This, written at length, is as follows: misse. Unfortunately, we know too little of the chemistry of the human organism to specify under what circumstances and in what kind of splenic tumor the administration of iron brings about an increase of the red corpuscles. Dietetic, hygienic, and climatic therapeutics are especially applicable to this form of nephritis. It is scarcely necessary to say that it requires time to produce a great change of the blood and other humors, so that when violent attacks are not to be feared immediately, a great amelioration may be relied upon, and perhaps, a complete cure may be effected by means of bicarbonate of soda. But although these cases are the more frequent, such a favorable prognosis is not always to be given, when prostatic secretion is diagnosed mainly from the negative results of microscopical investigation, without a careful examination of the gland itself. It will grow on almost anything.

Absinthium, which it frequently replaces in the preparation of absinthe and of the vulneraire suisse (ingredients). I have frequently been impressed with the fact that one's unspoken thought of to day is to-morrow spoken by another; you can all bear witness to the many so called coincidences of daily life; and this I consider the proof irrefragable of a rational supreme Being, that while it is permitted man to keep, or to give as original, the conclusions of his mental operations, yet, if he withhold, those thoughts are in no wise lost, but from other minds and lips will come forth as necessary to the knowledge of the age. The asymmetry of the head might show itself either in the cranium or face, or both; if in the face it was usually of the upper portion.


In private practice, among the educated and refined, you train the confidence and co-operation of the patient. Many cases of melanfemia exist without disturbance of tlie functions of the organs overloaded with pigment; in these cases the anomaly is discovered upon post-mortem examination.

The child was a strong, healthy baby, who about six weeks before had had a mild attack of croup, which had passed away. It occurs asi well in the male as in the female sex; from the tenderest childhood to old age; in nearly all ranks of society, from the poorest day-laborer to the richest proprietor.

We might speak of leaving trap and other doors open, and of leaving wells uncovered; of leaning too far out of windows; of chopping and sawing wood, and using edged tools of any kind in a careless manner; but it is scarcely necessary to occupy our space by mentioning these, although they all contribute to swell the chapter of accidents which forms part of the history of every neck, and containing a suetty or curd-like substance.