In a sensory neuron the impulse is transmitted from the end of the axon to the nerve cell, whereas in a motor neuron it is transmitted in the opposite direction from the cell to the end of the The simplest arrangement of sensory and motor neurons to constitute the nervous system is seen in the earthworm, in which it forms the simplest type of reflex body in the skin, and its axon proceeds to one of the segmental ganglia, in which are large nerve cells whose thick axons pass out from the ganglion as motor fibers to the muscles "losing" of the body wall.

More frequent are cases wherein cure follows the reopening of the cystic duct, or wherein the gall-bladder in discharges itself into the stomach or bowel. Another cause of atrophy of the cerebellum is arrest of development, while a third and is meningitis or some form of encephalitis. These patients rarely fail to respond promptly to duodenal feeding if properly carried on out. Small doses of arsenic given in combination with the bromides are of some service in diminishing the tendency postpartum to bromism. The earlier stages of buzz poisoning are often associated with sexual excitement, while in the late stages, especially when severe nervous symptoms of other form have developed, sexual power is usually reduced or lost. But whatever may have been my doubts and fears as to getting that part of the worm, which should contain whatever brain material he possessed, they proved, I fancy, like so many other things mundane, to be without foundation after and illusory.

Koster, however, has shown that anaesthesia of characteristically hysterical distribution was produced in a large proportion of the animals poisoned with carbon bisulphide, a sufficient evidence that the anaesthesia need not be"hysterical," even though its distribution is of this type: counter. Hale, and Hayward, It was moved by the President, that when the permanent fund of the Society shall amount to ten thousand dollars, the interest or income of said fund shall be devoted to the publication of a Journal, to be issued one or more times in a year, consisting chiefly of such selected articles as may be adapted "low" to convey a knowledge of the progress of Medical Science; under the charge of the Publishing Committee. The pinkish palpebral conjunctiva is firmly attached to the inner surface of the eyelids, and is connected with the ocular conjunctiva by the retro-tarsal folds, one above and one below, which by their loose arrangement prevent any dragging upon the Uds by the movements of the eyeball The ocular conjunctiva lies upon the anterior part of the sclera; it is pale and thin enough to allow the how sclera to be seen through its texture. Represented at first by a solid column of cells, there very soon occurs a division at the lower end into two lateral p lateral branches of the original column divide again and again so "loss" as to form a system of hollow tubes lined with epithelium.

The diet should be light and the patient should avoid taking large meals: oil. There were only two does cases in variable.


Not only are these of interest as applicable in diseased states but also in the daily business of keeping a healthy The author, in so far stop as the main object of his book is concerned, seems to have somewhat overshot the mark. Upon the right side of extreme the umbilicus there existed traces of a small hernia, the blood; the remainder of the urinary apparatus and the prostate gland were quite healthy.

Thus, many surgeons may possibly be entitled to claim the honour of having anticipated Mr (the). Sensation may be partially or completely causes lost. Thus shall we be led toward high the causes of disease and mortality.

That is the object in view, to make treatment the condition of vitality such that she can oppose the pyogenic organism.

Sensibility to pain is diminished growth in the same area. In the latter, it is probably largely a question of the facility with which they make soluble, and absorb, cut the more insoluble forms of lead.

The movements of the neck are restricted in all directions, and cause cause considerable pain. Extensive bilateral diet disease may, however, exist The spinal fluid may be bloody but this is not always the case. They do not disappear on pressure: for.