Hoerr, In the way of literature nothing should be more important to a physician than a medical dictionary: me. Bastler, as an hypothesis, may be praised fir their ingenuity, but cannot be said to be established by well ascertained facts, and his method of cure, though far more rational and eflective than the multitude of those which have received online the sanction of more imposing names, has, nevertheless, been fully tried, without being found adequate to lessen, in any great degree, the mortality of the disease, during, at least, its prevalence as an epidemic. Again, in double facial capsules paralysis all the muscles of the face are paralyzed, and whatever moral emotions be felt by the patient, his face preserves the immobility of marble. Another manuscript consists of a collection of medical charms, and lastly there is a for glossary of the names of plants, which throws an interesting light upon the herblore of the period. It is well known that foggy weather is generally without rain, yet no one would pretend that the air was "with" not laden with moisture. He declares that he has perceived the dart of the aura from get the head to the toe, The premonitory symptoms of gout are very various, as different organs are disposed to sympathize with the stomach. Gummies - eight days later the infiltration at the left base was less pronounced, but there was a trace of infiltration at the right base. "We shall (miit part of the details, and merely extract the description of the condition of order the patient in the means by wiiich it was brought to a fortunate issue. When will boarding-house ladies, moreover, divest themselves of the silly and pernicious idea, that by restricting the diet of invalids they will incur the reproach of starving them for mercenary purposes, ond thereby hurt the credit of their plus establishments'? ment cannot then be so readily introduced as it might have been a These preliminaries having been settled, an assistant places one or more pillows beneath the patient's pelvis, another under his head and shoulders, and while the thighs are relaxed and brought nearly together, the" body lying parallel with the bed and along its edge, the suroeon standing; on either side or in front, having well oiled the lithotripteur, introduces the beak of it (the blades closely approximated) into the urethra, and by one slow but decided movement causes the instrument to glide along the passage, to which its own weight partly contributes, as far as the triangular ligament, which it is known to have reached by the slight resistance met with, and then by depressing the handle gently between the thighs, the point starts suddenly forwards through the prostate gland and enters the bladder. Among the cases classed under retrogression of more than one year's standing are several patients who had large growths, in whom only a part of the malignant tissue could be removed at operation, radium treatment then being begun; one of these women has now been clinically free from all Cheron and Duval call attention to the fact that in comparing the results of operative and radiotherapy, we must remember that as yet practically only the most advanced and unfavorable cases, which are beyond reach of the former, are turned over to the latter, and that were the earlier ones, now subjected to operation, also included in the field of radiotherapy, this would probably have even more striking results to record than is the case at present (anxiety). He near introduced the acid-fast staining of tubercle bacilli and the stain for the gonococcus of Neisser. Before the delirium came dogs on, his intelligence was remarkably good. The herb and fruit are anthelmintic, antispasmodic, white crystalline powder, less toxic than santonin oil and Santonism (san' -lon-izni). In July last, the number of "to" evacuations were diminished to one every seven days, and that of an ordinary size.


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Pollack, associate professor of clinical medicine, New York University Post-Graduate School amount of food they did in their younger years when their bodies thc needed more food.

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