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Willitts in the office of the State Board of Health (prone). This is entirely confirmed for on the cadaver. Indeed, under prevailing methods, it is a wonder that the dangerous tendency of inexperienced minds to vague and fantastic theorizing is not more prevalent (cleanser). In this way the exposed "pm" surfaces v.ere covered and hemorrhage controlled. They are the scavengers, so to speak, that follow the original parasite, but can be separated from them by culture: good. ("rSap, water; combined with phosphoric acid and water, for a disease in which the eyeball is en-' larged by vs too much of the aqueous or viti-eous humours being collected; dropsy of the eye; also, for a diseas- which consists merely in auasaixous, or oedematous swelling of the eyelid: hydrophthal'my; also termed dropsy of the eye; terminal -Jcus.) Med., Hydrophthal'mium, ti, n.


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A common name for Lauren'tian Gan'glion: buy. Several Greek vases or drug-bottles, chiefly found at Tarentium' and by their bearing its name upon oily them! evidently intended to contain this valued eye medicine, have been described by Professor J.

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