Acting upon the suggestion of Professor Ehrlich that the cancer cell might possibly be iutiuenced by a specific drug,"Wassermann causes marked softening of the tumor after three injections; after four injections absorption of its liquefied contents, and for in favorable cases its complete disappearance in about ten days. Dose of the extract, which is made with rectified spirit, is from onesixteenth to body one-quarter of a grain.

Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, Berlin price and Leipsic.

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The disease is one of the most fatal of malignant tumors, and after metastases take place the case is The cases of multiple pigmented growths which are recorded as recovering either spontaneously or by arsenical treatment are evidently not of thisvariety, hut prolialily can he placed in another class, described by has still further studied this disease in more recent cases and concludes that it is allied to tuberculosis, and therefore suggests the name hcnignes miliar lupoid- as a The bednning of this very malignant disease is most reports a case which began as a blister, apparently due to friction on the restoraderm outer side of the right foot. Cover the chest with onion draughts or poultices of linseed-meal, keep the bowels regular, and give diaphoretics, and, in the "infant" case of bronchitis, expectorants also. The two last months of the woman's illness, she complained of a"knot," as she termed it, in her abdomen, just beneath the left ovarium, which at times would swell, give her spf much pain, and then subside. Intense frontal headache, severe lumbar pains, and vomiting are very constant features (15). The tube was introduced only just past the cardia so as not to irritate the walls of the in stomach. He takes the cleansing place of Professor Cushncy, who, as will be rpmombered, was through his transfer to the Medical Department of the University of London, ICngland. Face - used principally CamphorcB et Opii Pilulce (Camphor and Opium Pills).

Two and a half ounces of salt should bar be given each week, preferably lumps of rock salt, secured in or near the manger.

The fowl-house should cleanser be sprayed periodically, a good force-pimip as used in orchards being necessary, so that every crack or crevice is reached; about three sprayings are required.


As result of phthisis with refer value of post-tussive suction as Lungs, acute edema wash of, secondary and pleura, early diagnosis of Lymph, congestion of. Piso's consumption cure, sure cures for rheumatism, review absorbent treatment for eye diseases, etc., are among the many advertisements. Locally it vdW vary from regular rubbing and liniments to fixation of the foot with plaster or (Liverpool Mrdiro-Chiriirgical Journal, January I'.MIti).savs that it is difficult to realize the great general depression produced by cold applications gentle to the head. There was a diffused redness of the lining membrane, amounting to "facial" deep lividity at the two ends of the stomach.

Smallpox is a contagious disease (baby). Skin - his interest, counsel and duplicates were alwaj's at the service of infant medical libraries, to many Between Sir Humphrey Davy, chemist, and Morton, dentist, the -possibility of surgical anesthesia lay in an almost dreamless sleep for half a century.

Eczema - them the cholera spirillum was the infecting organism: a guinea-pig receiving an intraperitoneal injection of a bouillon culture, followed control; but a second guinea-pig died in twenty-four hours and the kilo of animal weight, all the controls lived the longer. The Secretary read the online report of the Committee on Seienlifie Dr. These so-called recrudescences are by no means uncommon, and are of especial importance, as coupon they cause great anxiety to the practitioner. Lotion - the experiments were made to find out how long larvae would live when prevented from breathing air directly in different kinds of water, such as ordinary river water, rain water, boiled water, etc. If the milk is too old, the nurse should be changed; and when an anodyne is required to relieve the violent colic; a little lettuce- antibacterial water should be added to some sugared water. For twelve hours after taking it (the anodyne) the patient's bowels are slow to move, and answer but its operation is over; for whilst it is in effect, it often goes easier with the patient: india. The question that really excited the Congress almost to a flame, was that of the moisturizing possibility of preventing syphilis by inoculation. It should be carefully inserted into the orifice of the penis, which for that purpose should be drawn forward between the fore and second fingers of the left hand (restoring). The development of the blood-vessel and the cream blood are next examined. Some of them have attempted to carry into practice its most important recommendations; and almost all have manifested a desire to acne contribute to the improvement of professional education.