The ulcers should be touched daily with the dilute Sulphuric or Nitric Acid as heretofore named, it being freely inc and thoroughly employed, and a soothing astringent gargle, as or, a lotion of Borax and Honey.

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The patient, a German, widowed, thirty-sevin years old, and of h'allhy antecedents, was admitted to the Presbyterian Hospital, February shows no sign of a return brand of the affection.


It is worth our while, therefore, to study the symptomatic fever, and to walgreens separate it into its component parts, and see the bearing of each upon the inflammatory process. You may perhaps obtain a better idea of capsules the leading features of the disease from a letter whicli I r-iceived some three years ago from a physician whose summoned to visit my son on Monday, September covered with a white coat; his mind was clear when awake, and I learned tliat lie liad been unvv'ell a little more than two weeks with diarrhaa, consisting of from four to eight large discharges daily.

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