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When it does not readily pass into the oesophagus the patient should be made to swallow, when it will glide down.

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.Another wondrous discovery is, that the ten-millionth part of a grain of do charcoal is a very active agent in some diseases; and that many medicines are extraordinarily exalted in efficacy by the number of times the vial which contains them in solution is shaken! The Russian government some time afterwards summoned Dr. In presbyopes, who have obtained age glasses and found them unsatisfactory, it is side one of the very commonest of symptoms, and usually diminishes or goes away when the causative astigmatism is properly corrected by glasses worn absolutely all the time except when patients go to bed to sleep. This limestone effervesces daily very freely to a small residue of rounded and angular microscopic quartz grains. Best - endoscopes, straight and curved, with a range in calibre from twenty-two to twenty-six; cystourethroscopes and urethroscopic syringes; and finally, as the third essential, a thorough knowledge of how to use them, and a conscientious spirit in their application.