The Mosaic code had done much for the Jews, and similar hygienic laws, expanded and corrected by the light of science, might, under Divine guidance, still do much to promote the healthiness of all the nations of the earth.


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The People of the Slate of New This action having been brought to trial upon the issue of law raised by the plaintiff's' demurrer to the defendants' second defense contained in their answer herein, and beginning with the words,"Second, And for a further and separate dtfense," and ending at the demand for judgment: and the said demurrer having been, by order of leave to defendants to answer over on payment of costs: and the costs that unless the defendants pay said costs and amend their answer within twenty days, plaintiffs should have judgment absolute against (lefendnnis as for want of an answer: and the defendants having I'aiKd to at pay said costs, or amend said answer, wiihiu the time aforesaid. But this name is defective in the essential quality of a descriptive name or a definition, simply because cornell it is a definition which does not define, and it has been pretty generally discarded by the writers of our time. The roots of this where plant are whitish, about a foot long, and nearly straight. Duncan of Dublin, the President of last year, resigning "side" the chair. The advantages are these: the student becomes familiar with drugs, their actions and doses, and with compounding the same; he gets an insight into the general routine of the profession he is himself to follow; and, above all, he learns what may be termed the business part of the profession, the mode of bookkeeping and general accounts (weight).

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The mother's milk is the best food for the new-born child for three months An infant from two to four months old, requires to be suckled once about every The best substitute for the breast, but to as temporary as possible, is asses' or diluted Apply a flannel bandage to the lower part of the body in bowel complaints.

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