Owing to their nervous troubles many of the patients may be classed as neurasthenics. Your Committee have been informed, bv a very intelligent manufacturer of candles, who made use of, but has since given up, the process in question, that an individual, in possession of the secret, went about to the candlemakers in London, to sell, for a consideration, not only the mode, but the very material, with which stearine was to be made fit to be converted into showy and attractive candles for the market.

Ovum; capsula, a small box.) Tue internal lining of a Graafian follicle, itself lined by the membrana granulosa which surrounds the ovum.

The most frequent complication is that which leads to the formation of adhesions to adjacent structures; namely, to the omentum and intestines, oviduct, uterus, bladder, and abdominal wall (pills). C'lapelain, who, whilst she was" in the state of somnambulism, prepared her to submit without fear to the operation, and bad even brought her to converse upon it with confidence, although, in her wakiug hours, she rejected the idea with" On the day appointed for the operation, M. The actual prolapse may be sudden, the result of a strain; more often Prolapse of "whole" the ovaries is, therefore, only one phenomenon complicating various disorders of the pelvic organs; but it deserves special attention from the frequency of its occurrence, and from the important symptoms to which it may give rise: for it not unf requently happens that the symptoms due to the prolapse are the only important symptoms present. Such accumulations occur mostly about the head, especially over the eyebrows, upon the inner surface of the muscles of the ears, on the neck, base of the mane, shoulders, elbows, haunches, root of the tail and effects the flexor surface of the carpal and pastern joints. The optic foramen is at the apex of the orbit; at its outer and upper angle posteriorly is the foramen lacerum anterius, and at its outer and lower angle posteriorly is the spheno-maxillary fissure.

Very few alterations have been made in the text, except by the introduction of new matter, which the authors believed would add to its value. The vapor should be left in the chamber from four to five hours. Quite irregular as regards both sleep time and quantity. Druggists may profit by encouraging this kind of taste. The arms side must be raised and the axillary regions freed at once and kept so. Both died with the view of ascertaining whethei human blood, taken from persons not fZ of cholera, would produce the like re ults.

He desired to come to my office and see me, but feared he could not get off inside of an hour. The civil hearing of the Harness Electropathic Belt case has ended in as unsatisfactory manner as did the criminal trial some months ago. It crystallises in orange-yellow prisms, soluble in boiling water and in hot ether. Last month we rendered statement of account to a number of our subscribers who are in arrears. There was a small entrance wound just over the instep, while a bruise on the sole at the heel indicated the position of the palpable bullet. After the second week the urine was passed by the natural channel, the patient was put on tonic treatment and supporting diet; the wound healed nicely and rapidly; in six weeks the patient made an excellent recoverv, and is at present at work and in good health. The perfume to be added to the base is a matter of individual taste.

Cattle, tympanites and later offensive diarrhoea, sometimes even bloody; in ruminants, occasional painful swelling of the inferior abdominal region with formation of abscesses and of a fistula of the abomasum, review or even prolapse (fistula very rarely occurs in the second stomach). Post-mortem examination showed that the rumen was inflated and nearly empty; foods the liver hyperaemic or clay-coloured, the small intestines very red; and peritonitis and hyperemia of the uterus were sometimes present. Many who have abund it, that is, take it in small sips. It is known by all persons, that galvanism, substituted for the nervous influence, forces the muscles submitted lo its action to contract. In true colic there is no paralysis of the hind limbs, pain nor swelling of their muscles, which are characteristic symptoms of the other disease: natural. ChareeS Wood Fassett, Secretary, corner Sixth and Charles streets Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words, or his reader will certainly misunderstand them. If any one has a creaky joint or a swollen and aching one, he.should drink all the buttermilk, he can relish whenever and wherever he can, but it should be fresh A very simple method of inducing sleep in ca es of persistent insomnia, and one that has succeeded where many drugs have failed, is: Simply administer a moderate amount of liquid food before the patient goes to bed. After the customary votes of thanks, the election of directors from the qualified contributors and subscribers was moved by and the appointment of the Ladies' Committee was proposed by Religious Institution Rooms, Glasgow, Bailie Hannay presiding came voluntarily for treatment. Others, with equal positiveness, claim that the serum of the blood of animals rendered immune actually cures the disease after it has developed, and also renders such animals immune from further danger. The ovary of the bird may be described as a cluster of capsules with their contained yelks, varying in magnitude from that of a millet-seed to the full-sized yelk.