The food was placed "redux" in long plates or troughs. It is reviews the purpose of the present article to take a hasty survey of the question as it is regarded today. This treatment is very efficacious in certain Still another method of adjxistfng ribs is to have the patient flat on his face upon an operating table with the arms hanging down on both sides of the table and a small pillow or folded blanket beneath the upper part of the chest; then standing beside the table, or better still, with one foot upon a low stool and the knee of the other limb upon the table in such a manner that one is directly over the patient's dorsal region one is then in a position to have full control of the vertebral end of the ribs. William Forbes, of Philadelphia, with a, view to freeing the fourth finger, and rendering it more movable. Treatment should be given over the abdominal muscles directly, and also to the spinal nerves of the same region. Petticretv moved, as an amendment, that the Recommendation be omitted. It is therefore preferable to have a hood which enables one to do without it. These cases differ from tic douloureux in that there is no muscular spasm. INFLAMMATION OF THE BRONCHIAL TUBES. The thickness of the morbid part varies from system two lines to half an inch or more, and its internal surface is irregular, ulcerated, and covered with a whitish gray, or blackish fungous matter: in the intervals of which there are numerous depressions. Drinking water must be uncontaminated which presents a problem as wells and springs are usually unprotected. Last year a mistake occurred with regard to holding the examinations on Good Friday as was originally intended, which, but for the intervention of this committee, would have rendered the examinations illegal. The severity of the sore throat is indicative of the severity of the scarlet fever that respiration is increased.

The logic of facts is always more forcible than that of abstract argument. Death may occur before the rash appears or a few papules may show themselves upon the forehead and wrists. The shadow produced by the shrapnel bullet visible, because it should have a double intensity according the shrapnel bullet. The osteopath should count on careful cleanliness.

Avery great quantity of oozing took place from the stump, which required daily dressing, so that antiseptics were abandoned after some time. Supposing a slight noise emitted unexpectedly causes the patient to wink, we have the indisputable right to affirm that he has no severe organic lesion of the auditory apparatus. In does such cases, as has been well said by Dr.

When it is seated in the latter, we have the phenomena of dysentery.

In the spinal membranes similar changes take place and at times there is extravasation of blood. At times, it is separated from the mucous membrane by a purulent or mucopurulent secretion, whilst at others it is intimately adherent to the mucous membrane. His first war-service was ill the Russo-Turkish war at Bucharest, and he was present at the final attack upon Plevna.


It need scarcely be said, that all drastic cathartics must be carefully avoided; yet, morbid secretions cannot fail to be poured into the intestinal work canal which ought to be removed daily, either by small sionally be added, and care must be taken to make them pass into the colon.

Very frequently, a partial secretion is effected, and it has been remarked, that a very small amount of urinary depuration is sufficient for the wants of the system, whilst the total cessation of the secretion for any length of time is almost uniformly fatal. This affection consists essentially in dilatation of the air-cells: the lung, consequently, becomes increased in size, and the quantity of air within the chest, as well as the capacity of the chest itself, is by fever, and is of long duration, commencing frequently in early youth, and very rarely after fifty years of age. A liquid, with no residue on evaporation (no temperature is given, but the student is directed not to"bake" the residue, if any), is stated to indicate, among other things, the presence of glycerine. Koch reported that he had been able, in some instances, to obtain like results in guinea-pigs.