The report is to include the name and address of the reporting physician, the name of the disease, the name, birth date, sex of the infected person, the date of onset of illness, and such other information as maybe required The regulations further provide that the superintendent or other person having control or supervision over any institution (such as a hospital or nursing home) in which any person is ill with AIDS or ARC shall report such disease directly to the Department of body Health. If I did not fear to go beyond the limits of space I could illustrate this fact still more by telling of the way in which money is exposed in large amounts on the very sidewalks of Athens by the money changers, sometimis almost with as much confidence as the newspapers on a news stand in New York (while). Often after using the saw, gouge, or chisel we find that a roughness is left, which when "coupons" healed leaves an uneven surface. This should be snbmltted for my approval before tbe cattle are moved to tbe point of shipment (price). Nourish the patient but do not let him make a maximum glutton of himself. Two years ago he had had an attack of chorea, from which he had recovered and had remained well until about four months and a half before admission (you).

The latter feature makes it a much more penetrating germicide than bichloride, and I have been very much pleased with its prompt and definite Ariz., in a recent article, states as follows:"For some drug months I have been working on the ionization of silver, zinc, and copper, in the treatment of chronic urethritis, and believe that I have an electrode that will prove to be of benefit to those members of the profession who may be interested in this line of work.

The Mediterranean health resorts, such as those of the Riviera, Mentone, San Remo, Cannes, can Nice, specially the two former, and Algiers, are at once dry and stimulating, and are suitable for a large number of respiratory affections.

The clinical importance, if any, of this reaction and its ultimate worth as a diagnostic sign in obscure cases of appendicitis, and in colon infections in general, is as yet undetermined; but we hope, after further investigation, to be in a position to either contradict or to confirm its usefulness (has).


Light percussion gives a tympanitic note all over, except in the right iliac and lumbar pm regions, where the note is duller. Buy - thirst continues intense and is associated with marked ptyalism; complains of a" raw" sensation the whole length of the oesophagus; the tongue is very red and inclined to dryness. I think that perhaps my lack of success in the "sinus" other cases with pilocarpine has been due to the fact that I have not continued it for a sufficiently long period of time. The more recent experiments of Pastenrseem todemonstrate that the former view was correct, and that the swelling is due to the activity of the virus commercial and is not the result of any contamination. Dr Matthews Duncan said on this occasion that his mind could not conceive the possibility of successful ovarioto!ny, until Dr Keith, who lives in his own immediate neighbourhood, liad' hronglit it to his own door;' all the cases of of Clay, Brown, Wells, etc., had not entered his imperturbable against his door in Charlotte Square before the portals of that stolid imagination could open to a recognised fact. Each papule is about as large around as a lentil, and is generic marked by scaly desquamation of surface epithelium. Will there be need of repeated medicine injections? Will relapses occur or will eradicate syphilis? Those are questions to be answered later. Oadnay, Wlilte to Flatoa, WMtcheitOT County D.

Exercise, when properly arranged and graded, increases the tone and actually muscles of locomotion, of respiration, and of the heart migraine alike. Extra - diainfected by tbe several tinea of transportation, which pens, as to location and conatmctioQ, tihall be approved by tbe veterinary uanitary board. Bowels costive, and and have always been so. This form of bath can headache readily be improvised anywhere. Bearing on the surgery of the abdomen (dosage). Analgesic back medications have been developed using acute pain as the experimental model. Ud MbR townB, villageB, and cities in case of existence iu tbiaStata of Uie dioeua called plvaropneumonia amoug cattle, or fore; or glanders among liorses, or auy contagious or infectioua diseaM among, domestic au imnl a, shall c ansa the animals In thoir respoctivc towns, VillageB, or citips tTliicli ore infected, or ivhiclt have been exposed to iurectioo, to bo BBciired or collected in aorae saitahLe place or tension places within their respective towns, villages, or cities, and kept isolated, and when taken from ttie possession of their owners one- fifth of the expense of their maintenanoo shall be paid by the town, village, or cit; wherein the animal is kept, and fonr-fiiths bj the State; such Isolation to continue us loug as the existence of such disease or other circnmstonoca may infectious disease, may in their discretion order such diseased animal tfi be forthwith killed and bnried at the expense of siicb town, village, or city. The discovery is not one of accident, but the result of and reflects the highest credit on picture the discoverer, the noted German scientist Ehrlich. As to the prevalence of venereal disease among mille tells its own tale (take). Finally, it has been pointed out in breathing is under the influence and control of the nervous system, and remedies may be given which will increase the excitability of the nerves of respiration, and so stimulate the breathing Now all these actions may be reversed: where. '''' Is that right, young man?" "test" I asked"Yes," he answered sullenly,"whose"Well, it seems that I should have something to say about the matter, and I intend to have it. The air of both regions is moist, of course, but that of 2013 the Beverly shore is much colder. The greatest good to the entire stock interests of the country can only be seeored by intelligent discussion, grave deliberation and a willing spirit strength of compromise.

The returns made by assessors pill to the Ohio auditor of Sfcite showed this falling off iu the cattle busiuess, among them a decline in the price of grain, particularly of corn, which in Ohio, as in most other StAtes of the Union, is the staple fntteniug food for stock. The last named (Colonel) unfortunately for the actress respect we have for real and genuine military men, is becoming as common a salutation as prevails in the southern states. Contributions from abroad written in a foreign language, if on examination they are found mom desirable for this Journal, will be translated at its expense.