He remarked, although it might have been originally the product of inflammation, and have existed in the form of an effusion of lymph, still the circumstance of its conversion into a fatty substance proved that it must have existed for a tension very considerable time, and the smallness of its size, as well as the obscurity of its origin, did not by any means satisfactorily explain the occurrence of paraplegic symptoms. The denser the population the less the vegetation, and the greater the relief to asthmatics and hay-fever I desire to lay especial stress upon the irritating effect of dry, hot max air. Where - one great advantage of this method is that it may be applied in oflSce practice without giving anesthesia of any kind. The illustrative photographs with their clear references are most admirable (excedrin). The third af i for MOUaiA Til UIUF'IIAGA. ACE P II A LI extra A, Kcc Acephaloujr.

The operation was body followed by decided relief, the abdomen collapsed and a large quantity of faeces was discharged through the artificial anus; but the patient died of collapse the next day. Headache - in addition to attending, there are many changing facts of modern medical practice and its organization upon which we need to be informed.


About sixty cases had been sinus under Of the therapeutic measures under the control of the profession, diet, climate and suitable hygiene are of principal importance.

It is "back" unnecessary for me to detail the symptoms which attended her illness during the past week; I shall content myself with pointing out the symptoms which particularly attracted my attention to her case on Saturday morning.

The salts of copper are dosage very deleterious.

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