Discoloration of the skin is, however, rarer mg in arthritis than in exophthalmic goitre. Of - it is further concluded from the vital statistics that the given patient with carcinoma of the breast can expect to have a survival rate which compares favorably with the survival rate of the general population for the Palliation therapy has done considerable towards alleviation of symptoms of individuals with advanced disease. The stools were tarry in consistency and black in generic appearance. Corresponding Member of the Eoyal Academy of Sciences of Berlin; of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Philomathic Society of Paris; and of the Academy of Sciences of Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, and Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of Digitized by the Internet Archive Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries PRESIDENT OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY, ETC., ETC As the following Observations were made in the course of those pursuits in which you have so warmlyinterested yourself, and promoted with the most friendly assistance, I should be wanting in gratitude were I not to address them to you, as a public testimony of the friendship The nine following papers have been read at the Royal Society, and published in the Philosophical Transactions; but in a work of so general a nature, and of which physiological inquiries make so small a part, the few facts and observations which I have given upon such subjects may probably be overlooked by those who are not members of that Society: no.


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