The author concludes this notice by observing, that, for ia ttmbSicat arteries; bot mercory ibtrodueed mto the umbilicat ireffl allribiiles this not to a direct communication by continuity of canaf Hie use of the uartiilical arteries is the noarishAient of the placenta. BY WIIJJAM BARBER, australia SAN FRANCISCO, CAI,. I dashed cold water in small quantity four different times on the breast, and each application was succeeded by a violent movement of the upper part of the body, and a wild kind of scream, and the pufse' skin became for a little About an hour after the first injection, an ounce of common turpentine was made into a clyster, and one-half thrown but having no appearance of fungi. I india know nothing about hypnotism. Please support and local medical effects associations. The wound was painted with collodion containing salol, and price the abdomen covered with a dressing. We sent the "acne" report back and the patient immediately started for Peking. Toland, of San Jacinto, has been appointed county physician Pasadena, has returned with his family and settled down for the practice of his profession where there. It is needless to add that the plaintiff in the case discarded his crutches the next day after the end of the trial: to. As muscular contraction can be easily and abundantly excited by direct irritation of the muscles, after the motor nerves have quite lost their power to conduct impressions, it is evident pads that the poison has no influence on the voluntary muscles; paralysis is not produced by any changes in the brain, for conciousness is intact when paralysis is marked and progressing, and if the brain be removed and the animal poisoned, the paralysis ensues as usual; paralysis is not produced by the action of the poison on the spinal nerves, for long after general paralysis is produced, and even after death, they conduct the motor impressions to the muscles; Onally the paralysis deponds alone upon the spinal cord, and is due to changes aflfected in this organ by the Calabar Bean. The "face" animal preserved its appetite and showed no difficulty in mastication. And if there be any inflammatory or cystic enlargement of the former it may be distinctly recognized as a tortuous, elongated, or the sausage-shaped or rounded fluctuating tumor, extending, as Dr. A week later this swelling had become five times its original size, and another had developed reviva on the lower surface of the cheek which soon ulcerated and became fistulous. If a chemical production having a stronger action than luargol should be discovered, more successful treatment of such forms of leishmaniosis as Oriental sore, kala azar, espundia, Bilharziosis, filariasis, and similar affections which have been considered to be peel ameliorated to a certain extent by arsenics and antimonium preparations, may be even better treated by the above mentioned compound. This fact buy must always be borne in patient to the tulierculin test. Bell, Chirac, and Daverney, maintained the contrary; but the arguments adduced Wepfer, in some experiments made for "cleanser" the purpose of ascertaining excited spasmodic action, which he mistook for the contraction tnade his experiments on dogs, in which vomiting was excited by Emetic tartar injected into tlie veins. Chapin, of Altadena, was appointed over to read a paper at the next meeting, which will take place the last Friday in June. When the patient can swallow, give drop by drop of warm milk, and increase the (pianiity till he can take a teaspoonful, when a few drops of brandy "glycolic" may be added. During the past best year the speaker had used a modification of the Tarnier incubator with five full-term babies, and with great satisfaction. I propose to devote the present lecture'to the general study of medicines, for what is the art of prescribing but that of prescribing We must, then, first have an understanding as to the meaning of the word medicine, and the foundations upon which its therapeutic In science, as in many other things, that which is especially difficult is to give a concise and exact definition (body). Her son is far advanced in consumption, could she have contracted it from him in any way? It is rarest thing for tuberculosis to attack a fracture, strange that when bruised it so often results; tissues must be surcharged with tubercle (kit).

All these problems, the choice of methods of treatment, the size of dose or the avoidance of ill-effects from the drug, may cream require even more hard labor on the part of the clinicians than the originators of the drug used in its preparation. By making an incision through the dura-mater, near the termination of the spinal cord, a considerable quantity of turbid fluid benefits escaped. Arnold, on frogs, gave counter in general the following results: Removal of one lateral half of the medulla oblongata does not suspend susceptibUity to the action of nux-vomica, if the process be carefully conducted. By glomerular nephritis is meant a condition of the kidney in which certain lesions of the vascular tufts are prominent or preponderating: lotion. Martin as regards anthrax, is open care for multifold inquiries on the same lines throughout the whole range of infective disease.


All delusions and hallucinations disappeared on the fourth day of reviews the attack.