It is scarcely possible for me t(j refer, except in a few instances, to the results obtained by other workers in tlie s.ime field (reviews).

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In all the successful cases, vanilla recovery was complete, possible recurrence in two being excepted. The knee was (lexed and the buy lower part of the thigh exceedingly sensitive on pressure. E.vamination revealed chronic gastritis and colitis, and the patient was flavors placed on suitable treatment with the expectation of decided benefit. The skm was now dusky and er)ihcmatoiis, and recipes partially ana:sllictic in various parts of the body. Thus, the high authority whom I have just quoted:" The inferior action of the blood on the oxygen of the air in its passage to the arterial state simply indicates, that it is less removed from a state of arterialization, that is, effects partakes less than usual of the characters of venous blood.