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I have seen instances of large perforations produced in diflereut parts of the bones by a morbid absorption of the bony earth, as though the trephine had been repeatedly applied, and this too in for adult age: and in some instances there has been a total absence of the calvaria.! Generally speaking, there is some deficiency of bony earth, as though it were impossible for this secretion to keep pace with the enlargement of the cranium: and hence the boAes of the cranium have occasionally been so thin as to be pellucid and transmit the The dropsical fluid is also said by many writers of high authority to originate in some cases between the integuments and the bone, and to be contined to this quarter: and hence, the disease has been may be collected in the cellular membrane of the whole body, such such a form of the disease has ever actually occurred.

Such thoughtfulness on the part of the promoter prevent is rarely displayed to medical men.