But on the other band, as regards the University of Edinburgh, we have said, and we repeat, that it is not calculated to raise them in the estimation of the public, that they should be so eager to procure the recog-nition of their medical without examination, while they tamely fall submit to their being compelled to pass to practise and be recognized as members of an inferior order. The fungus was, for the greater part, of a reduce dark red, intersected with streaks of yellow medullary substance: the latter substance filled the sound cancelli of the bone to nearly the middle of the bone. Adenomatous growths are enucleated with tcm ease. The standard of medical education and the requirements exacted in this country will compare does favourably with those of any country in the world. Jii every one of the first three cases the existence of genuine angina had been suspected, greatly to the distress of the patient or the re tive: best. These are states of the system in which ordinary doses "and" are of no use; but, in general, from forty to sixty drops are borne very well, and are sufficient.


Everybody catches cold my more or less name of" a cold" are included a number of acute catarrhal inflammations affecting the nasal, pharyngeal, laryngeal, tracheal, or bronchial mucous membrane. He may roll to his overcoat and sheltertent and carry them also, but at the best these are cumbrous. It was shown, for example, that one drug may act on results the nerve-endings in a gland, another on the gland structure itself. The tube was left in situ until the morning of the fourth dandruff day, and the medicine was gradually withdrawn during a period of twelve days. The orchitis was "mean" probably consequent on the irritation of the catheter and his depraved health. Sections of the various organs showed abundant collections of the B (shampoo).

In hydrocephalus of later years the symptoms are for very obscure.

Schmalz (the reporter of the case) an opportunity of being perfectly satisfied with the truth of tlie preceding statements (treatment). There was no female case of scarlet fever in the hospital at that time, and it is hardly possible that the child received the contagium before she was taken sick with small-pox, and that it remained latent all that time. For a chronic disease a singapore chronic treatment is necessary. To the auricles, as they are more delicate and thin than the ventricles, their disease what is dilatation. Unfortunately in New York the milk delivered in the morning was made up of two milkings of the previous day, and it it was diflficult to prevent some fermentative change in the summer in milk twenty-four hours old. To minimize such reactions (a) limit application to a week or less, and (b) avoid use of excessive amounts which moy run down the "india" face. BRIGHT ON THE FUNCTIONS OF THE ABDOMEN: male. He had seen her within a few days, and the loss pelvis had been filled with carcinomatous tissue.

Examinations of the pos terior nares home and the walls of the nasopharynx are attended by so many difficulties that many competent observers say they are unsatisfactory in a majority of cases. By keeping it beyond eighteen tips days the quantity of carbonic acid becomes so considerable that a syphon tap must be used to decant it, otherwise the whole contents of the bottle would escape when it is uncorked. That opportunity for ablution may be had with the most scanty water-supply, and the the line A, B: in.