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In max other individuals this dose will not cause often dilatation of the pupils, low temperature, rapidity of the pulse, arterial hypotension, etc." What verb are we to supply to this sentence.' Again," The vegetative neuroglandular system has a physiological excitation of chemical nature and reacts by a clinical manifestation identical to the different pathological manifestations provoked by the preceding causes." Mud is not clearer.

Iodide of potassium has gnc been recommended internally for the purpose of promoting absorption, but it is of very questionable value. Many of our most distinguished surgeons have spoken unfavourably of excision, and yet only a few have engaged do themselves practically with it, a circumstance necessary to obtain a satisfactory result, and to enable any one to deduce a rational decision from it, as a method of operation. Kaufmann that the symptoms of hyperchlorhydria in achyha gastrica could be explained by this condition of a lack canada of mucus.