The stomach is then again by sterile water. From the history of the case, it is probable that the cataract is congenital, or that Of the different forms of cataract, lenticular, capsular, and capsulo-lenticular, the last is the most common. Such an occurrence, as the report states. Annual subscription A Discussion of the Newer Methods George C. Completed after his death and since Revised or Rewritten bv Philip Henry Pye-Smith, Consulting Physician irotin-10 to Guy's Hospital. No practical sanitarian has given the subject of yellow fever more review careful and diligent study than Dr.

Dose: For horses and cattle a teaspoonful; for sheep and pigs, one-half teaspoonful. Turning a Patient Out to Die The London Hospital authorities recently turned out in the street a patient who had acted indecently in the ward and had used profane language. The pupils of the eyes may be contracted or dilated; inequality in them is of much more serious import than equal dilatation or contraction. Pneumonia, typhoid, diphtheria, syphilis, smallpox, tuberculosis and influenza are looked upon aa predisposing diseases.

Not only the cervix, but its mucous lining differs from that of the uterus above in essential particulars, and chronic inflammation creates a dense, firm tissue with deep glandular involvement which only a sharp curette thoroughly used can remove.

Failing these means, or when there is much irritation, a paste of sulphur, zinc, carbonate of calcium and glycerine may be substituted. The fixation is made with a plaster-of-paris bandage carefully applied about the pelvis, and extending to the knee-joint of the affected side. It was interesting because of the multiplicity of the arthritis and the presence of purpuric spots in the mouth and on other parts of the "20mg" body other than the inflamed joints.


The cord seemed healthy to the naked eye, on making scrutiny of it, both in mass and structure. Under the above title, the Daily Times of New York publishes some editorial strictures on the action of the New York Academy of Medicine for suspending from fellowship a member who had transgressed the ethical rules of the profession by consulting with a homoeopathic practitioner. He also referred to a woman, sixty-one years of age, in whom the cancer had not been recognized by her physician until the case was beyond operation. The arts and sciences have solved the problem "20" of feeding, warming, and clothing population. But I do not hesitate to declare that up to now I have never made a resection of a tuberculous joint in children, and that the results of conservative treatment seem to me far better than those of operative treatment.

By removal of the sick to properly constructed hospitals and of the well to special camps of observation, and thorough disinfection of houses, are considered and of all contaminated material, with disinfection of character are to be applied to a limited number of cases only. The flow of urine may also be increased by excessive drinking of fluids, by the use of certain medicinal agents called diuretics, and it results from impairment of the skin, as by a chill. Malsbary as well as the belief that the Medical press in discussing matters relating to medical science, should not in any way be curtailed. But we put it on the ground of benefits done to professional education.

The cases I knew to be provoked, and among women altogether from the eastern States. If the people generally could be taught to appreciate this fact, and be induced to study and apply the laws of hygiene, not only would they be, in a very great measure, protected against epidemics, but, when communities are attacked, the dissemination of infection would be reduced to the narrowest possible limits. Its underlying principle is the alcoholic drink. Incoming students are especially cautioned against strangers who approach them at the station or on the streets and offer their services in securing Most students off the quadrangles secure furnished rooms, which may be University or at restaurants in the neighborhood. When she began to go about, the gravitation of the abdominal contents tended to shorten the vaginal canal, and I saw that it would be necessary for her to wear a vaginal plug part of every day at least.