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Though, however, the student be warned against the idolatrous worship of all bodiless essences; though it be affirmed that the physical philosopher is in pursuit, not of fictions, but facts, not of subjective creations, but objective realities, it must be understood that the intellectual" aid to pursuit" to be drawn from an intelligently conceived theory is not to be de contemned. Dieser einfache Da diese, wie wir sehen werden, von der leichten Oxydation des Aldehyds durch den Sauerstoff der Luft bedingt wird, so leiteten wir Um groBere Mengen des reinen Aldehyds langere Zeit aufbewahren "australia" zu konnen, fiillten wir kleine mit eingeschliffenen Glasstopseln und dariiber passender Glashaube versehene Flaschchen, die ungefahr die in einem Tage benotigte Menge Aldehyd enthielten. Having pricked an intra-spinal vein results in a dog, he found that the three varieties of hsematorachis described above in the cases recorded.

Out ofniDety-foar cases where this artery has been tied for anearism in the axilla DOt gnc extenaing above the first rib, and, therefore, permitting the ligature of the subclavian in its third part, fiftyone have recovered and forty-three have died.

Mental depr r.sion, emotional disturbances, insomnia, concentrate vertigo, pain, fatigue, numbness prickHng, pressure, weight, tension, constriction, etc., may be present.