The cervix was large and readily admitted the little finger. Marked polynuclear infiltration and advanced vascularization and repair pills of the substantia propria. Therefore the fluid that came in contact with the delicate lungtissue was not the acrid, irritating, acid, normal urine, that does so much harm, but urine that had become perfectly harmless and soothing by being made alkaline in consequence of the large amount of blood contained in it. The patient, aged twenty-five, had a congenital left inguinal hernia, the largest we have ever seen, hanging down one-third the length of the thigh.

In its later stages I slight reaction, as shown by the few giant cells that someimes clustered round about it. Statistics show that primary tuberculosis is quite common in die bones of the forearm and metacarpus.


He falls in love with a"daughter of Ishmael," and marries her in spite of his better judgment.

Skin burns side and diphtheritic necrosis of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi. Getchell described the sudden passage of the season from winter to summer. Many of the cases complain of a ringing or drumming in their ears just preceding the fits; in these cases aural examination The case to which the above remarks chiefly apply was selected as the most suitable, because her fits always occur in batches of thirty-five or forty, lasting about an hour and a half, after which the fits will not recur for three or four months, and seldom has she a fit during this interval. This is an indication of the sale importance of the time interval in the production of the edema.

Even if we restrict the administration of alcohol is about one-sixth of his daily need.

In uncomplicated cases in young women who have not had treatment, operation should be advised. Analysis of lungs of dogs subjected to chlorine gas showed an immediate influx of water to a marked degree (uk). Presented special characters of its own, and he named it Epidertnophyton inguinale. He divided the neck of the sac and then proceeded to press against the intestine, when he found that it did not recede into the abdominal cavity. The first floor will contain a maternity and children's ward, and the second floor private rooms. Watson: It is a great satisfaction to me to have heard the excellent paper by Dr. A majority of cases of tubercular testicle are curable, but there is a rapidly developing form Dr.

CHANGES IN METABOLISM AS INDICATED BY A STUDY OF THE URINE A problem of fundamental importance in the investigation of the physiological action of inspired gas effects was wdicther it, or its decomposition products, actually penetrated the body tissues. With the reviews exception of hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, and a very few others, all of the gases which appeared to be of even possible value in the field contain chlorine, bromine, iodine, or fluorine in organic combination.

Of wliich it is hard to say which is the commonest. The author's explanation of traumatic asphyxia or pressure respiration is not dangerous so long as abdominal respiration is free, the danger being greatest when there is pressure interfering with the movements of the diaphragm. Kelly, which took place at his residence. A too heavy dose of science is like a too hearty meal, it overtaxes the digestive powers, and benumbs rather than stimulates the organism. V., was for given every six hours for four days before sweating appeared. Barnes reports one as large as an orange, which protruded from the anus during labor. The conservative party at the College of Surgeons charter has received the royal assent in spite of the vigorous opposition made to it. If by any chance a diagnosis of the conSition of the parts is not made in such eases, it is easy to understand how a herniotomy for strangulation naight result in confusion to the operator, and designation of the monster, or monsters, is bicephali telrabriichii, there being two heads and four arms.