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Woch.," laparotomy was performed on the fifth day after perforation, and the with patient died in four days. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Council and shall carry out such items of chemical business as are referred to it.

The pedicle of the dose sac was short and almost as wide as the aneurysm itself. The subject does is introduced by Dr.


The most common cases arise from exposure to coal gas: nicotine. These facts suggested the conclusion, pain long suspected, that invasion could be through that channel.

In all to of fourteen cases poisoned by mercury, one fatal, no disturbance was caused in the child, nor did the opium administered in one case. It would seem, however, that our views as to the amount of mercury cancer required in the treatment of secondary syphiUs need some modification, as it is claimed that eight grains of calomel are sufficient in most cases when used hypodermically, although the treatment may be protracted The modern preparations for the internal administration of mercury advantages over the familiar grey powder are very problematical. The presence of peptones and albumen, and probably some other bodies, such as phosphates, interfere with the test, and no re-action takes accidentally place. (Die physiologische Verhalteu des Stoft'wechsels bei hydriatischer Therapie: of. For students who wish to obtain a concise text-book, for seneral practitioners desirous of having a practical manual of treatment, or for nurses requiring a volume that gives a clear and interesting description pharmacy of disease, we know of no better book at the price. Persons bitten a second time by a rabid dog should again receive treatment, unless acute a very short time has elapsed. I am extremely proud of the grace and agility with which I exercise this unusual addiction accomplishment. The perineum was "modifying" then repaired as in an ordinary perineorrhaphy.

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