In either case there is a weakening of the vascular wall of a subacute chronic inflammatory nature, part of the degenerative far from shewing the enlargement of arteriosclerosis, was usually drug wasted Haemorrhage is not uncommon in the course of the growth of an intrairanial tumour, more especially in angiosarcomas. Xxx Bpiriti "vs" s Lauri Cinnamomi, Spiritue cinnamomi. In order to accomplish this successfully it is necessary to have an apparatus which can be readily made and kept aseptic; which will always be ready for use; which can be easily handled and the movement controlled with one hand; whose ejecting force is capable of being easily regulated; and which is free from liability of forcing airbubbles into the anterior chamber. The present volumes belong to the small class directions of tific world, Professor Lchinann's great work remedical literature which comprises elaborate works quires no laudatory sentences, as, under u new garb, MANUAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSIOLOGY.

Hydrocarbons in the form of sugar of grapes, and fats in the form of cream, are especially valuable. HYDRONEPHROSIS AND RENAL ATROPHY: ESPECIALLY AS RESULTING FROM FUNCTIONAL rORMBRLT PROFESSOR OF MATERIA MEDICA AND JACKSON PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL MEDICINE IN HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Thomas were very like those described by Pagenstecher from Platiorbis corneus.

In the amenorrhcea of corpulent women, Kisch, Martin and Rohrig extol the sulphate-ofsoda waters, among which those of Marienbad have a high reputation. Considered as a whole, the vertebral column has an anterior OT preepinal surface; a posU trior or spinal; two lateral; a and an apex or top (dogs). EaPida, Epiph' lit'mw, Pty'aliem, Flume melatonin s,ili'r ( r. Preston to the professorship of Anatomy, with the Diseases of the Nervous System as a clinical branch of instruction.

In the interv.ols between the spasms tlio child was apparently free from pain. The sixth nerve may entirely escape; but in some cases there is paralysis or paresis of dose one or both external recti.


Another Spanish lady isfollowing her footsteps. Streets, last week held a special session at the Naval Hospital at Brooklyn, for the purpose of examining candidates for eight vacancies in the medical corps.

It is a well-known fact brought to light by recent investigations concerning the nature of infectious diseases, that immunity or protection from a second attack, whether artificial or natural, is not absolute, but only relative in man or beast, capable of producing by one attack a degree of protection which is surely and absolutely effective against a second attack. One or two doses of ten or fifteen grains, given at the beginning of an attack of sick headache, will often act like a charm in cutting it short. Moreover it may be added that two or three times a day is the limit of frequency, beyond ivhich the washing"Ut of an emijyemic cavity or a septic uterus is iiDt usually found useful, and while the analogy between the two is not perfect it may yet be suftiI ient to be suggestive.

On ac-'ount of patient complaining bitterly that she was being starved, was allowed a chop, with the result anticipated, viz., retura of the vomiting, which continued in spite of the administration of sulpho-carbolate of soda. As the appetite is usually good, and sometimes voracious, adiposity often rapidly follows the muscular The reflexes (knee-jerk, etc.) are not affected, as a rule; the knee-jerk, however, sometimes inclines to slight exaggeration, and in rare cases may Comparison of the symptoms described above, as effects resulting from direct and indirect injury of the milder sort, indicates distinct differences which can hardly be mistaken in exemplary cases. Pertaining to or resembling lymph or lymphatic Lymphome (Lehnf dhm) (reviews). Those lesions are also side rarer, for the vessels supplying the centrum ovule are the small terminations of both the cerebral and cortical systems of arterioles, and therefore less liable to the formation of aneurysms. I gave teaspoonful once every three hours.

By slow turns, the growth was torn through until a pedicle of less than an inch remained; at this walgreens stage, the chain broke near the point of section. After the operation it should always be ascertained that there is no pouching of the small; from one to two litres is quite sufficient. Xettleship said that the chief object of the paper was to draw attention to the cases of deep-seated disease which more or less closely simulate glioma of the retina in their clinical features. Puide for for the student and practitioner, merits our THE DISSECTOR'S MANUAL; or, Practical and Surgical Anatomy.

This fluid, according to the analysis of Professor Halliburton, possessed the characteristic properties of ingredients cerebrospinal fluid.