May occur in any part of the cord, and is usually associated with a similar condition in the cerebral dura. Drawing made during attack of local asphyxia.

Having similar results he came to the conclusion that local treatment might Exceptions.

Syrup - muscular rheumatism on the other hand has been seen in connection with untimely shearing, exposure to cold storms and cold, damp folds. We have not heard whether the intention he long entertained of recording his experience in a systematic form, as a treatise on surgery, had been carried into effect, but if not he has left behind him no monument worthy of his mind and talents. It is self evident that, in changes of this character, the initial marks must constitute relatively slight departures from the normal; because of this, not because of any essential similarity, these early symptoms are often mistaken for evidences of Two general trains of distinction can be marked out. Extensive root-symptoms are suggestive of meningeal involvement, in any event, too much stress should not be placed on the nervous symptoms alone. "When urgent dyspnoeic symptoms arise from an enlarged thymus, the performance of tracheotomy gives little or no relief, and under such circumstances the operation has been performed of exposing and partially removing the body. Potassse, applied in a particular way, will cure dry scab or scurfy eruptions of the skin and scalp, may patent this particular use of it, in this class of cases, and require my brethren to pay me a stipulated sum, or a certain per cent, of the fees they may receive, for the right to use it in such cases. McKillip, Professor of Surgery, McKillip Veterinary College, Chicago, III. He has for some years been entrusted with the responsible task of indexing the anatomical papers for the International Scientific Catalogue in process of preparation by the As a teacher Dr. These pupils pay well for the privilege of the gymnasium with the expectation of becoming instructors. Hence muscles which, in spinal cord diseases, are grouped together in a common'fate, are here dissociated and follow the behaviour of muscles belonging to other spinal groups. These include all the features of the typhoid state (dry, black tongue; mild delirium; ner DISEASES OF THE rRmARY SYSTEif coma). It must be confessed that the achievements of therapeutics in saving the lives of persons stung by poisonous snakes have not, on the whole, been very brilliant. There is recognition of the difference between heat and cold, and cold is often preferred to heat. Thus the patient may be conscious of cardiac disorder, and complain of palpitation; and such disorder may be evident at once to the clinical observer. The iodide did not seem to suit him or do him good, so I put him on Parrish's syrup, and it is under that that The suggestions as to the best metliod of producing consolidation of internal aneurysms, made by Mr, Tufnell some years ago, were prompted, as he tells us, by Nature's own cure of certain isolated cases of aneurysm in which consolidation of the aneurysmal of successful treatment of aortic aneurysm where these suggestions had been put into practice caused this tablets treatment, at once simple and efficient, to be very generally adopted.

Osteopathies, and consequently spontaneoits fractures, occur most frequently in the long bones, particularly in those of the lower extremities; but they may affect any part of the skeleton. One section of the present law provides that"upon the certificate of a medical officer of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service to the effect that the health or safety of an insane alien would be imperilled by immediate deportation, such alien may, at the expense of the'immigrant fund,' be held for treatment until such time as such alien may, in the opinion of such medical officer, be safely deported." The former immigration law contained a general provision of this sort and it was always liberally construed in the case of those physically ill. This simple operation was invented for this Lectures on Natural and Difficult Parturition: By Edward University College, London; Obstetric Physician, University College Hospital; and formerly Assistant Physician This is a neat little volume, and very convenient, both for The author has wisely refrained from lengthy discussions in reference to the opinions of authors, and confined himself to facts.


We then collected, in a sterile tube covered with an alcohol dipped sponge, fluid for our bacteriological The spinal fluid was clear (with fevv' exceptions when slightly blood tinged), alkaline in reaction, blood cells and degenerative endothelial cells.

The Dutch steamship Batavier III, from Amsterdam, has landed at Havre a flying hospital, organized by private subscription and placed under the command of Dr.