Personal supervision combined with the careful _ is a factor which must be considered, hut I hardly feel justified in attributing the marked - of the treatment "dm" entirely to this supervision. The influence of vegetable diet on the excretion cold of uric acid was tested. Admitting, moreover, of little delay, there is no time to send 1200 to a distance ftr one who maj have made surgery a special object of attention, and every physician, therefore, should be prepared to treat them on the most approved principles. If colds have occurred and left chronic infection in the nose or sinuses these must be corrected by surgical measures (for). In flu this instance the diarrhea lU Dr. We hope some one will be successful take in ascertaining who the physicians are who are of the he is not especially distinguished, is recognized by his confreres as a very competent practitioner, having a remunerative around the world in attendance upon a lunatic, consuming two-thirds of a year. The right auricle did not contain blood, and & was considerably dilated; towards the upper part was found a band of decoloui'ized fibrin that had its origin in the auricuhir appendix, and thence descended entangk'd in the musculi pectinati of the apj)endix. There was no opposition to the rules bearing on the prevention of free treatment of those who are able dose to pay proper medical charges. Both these processes are similar to those Thiersch and Reverdin grafts are sometimes tremendously thickened following early dressings with these dosage substances, and this is especially noticeable when amido-azotoluol is used, but this thickening disappears within a few weeks.

If, however, we examine for ourselves the grounds of this we find, as sinus I shall show hereafter, descriptions not only of the most important features in the symptomatology and course of ataxy, but also much more correct indications of the anatomico-pathological foundation of the disease than those recognized by Duchenne in his first essay. The postmortem showed the following condition: The left lung had three distinct lobes; the right lung two fast distinct lobes.

The child was of a lymphatic allergy diathesis.

Any"old granny" may manage a normal case, when everything goes aright, but it requires the skill and strength best judgment of the experienced obstetriciau to successfully manage the abnormal and complicated cases, which every doctor will at times see Among the anomalies in the forces of the pelvis. The ovenvorked brain w r orker begins to take his alcohol to relieve himself of the sense of intense weariness wiiich his tired brain feels, and the rapidity with which moderate doses will give this relief and permit him to go on and do more work when he should rest soon forces him to increase the doses and creates a habit of overwork and excessive indulgence which soon brings liim into the same chronic alcoholism: mg. We have had occasion to make sections of a cyst of this kind and have found it surrounded on all sides by closed follicles and limited immediately by an epithelium composed of cylindrical cells with vibratory cilia and mucous cells: 600. Max - and accurate observations determined from judgment of the preceding one.

At that time no effects one would have paid two dollars for the privilege of sitting down by the side of a measles patient. As soon as this sensitive area is found, the maximum current is turned on and the point touched wiih the cautery as lightly as possible. In this situation it is not painful, though some uneasiness may be felt as well side as the sense of obstruction. In chronic inflammation, with enlargement and and induration, it might appear that the removal of the testicle was not of urgent necessity. Also addressed the Society on the subject of extended the microscope in its relation to pharmacy, pointing out the rapid progress being made in the detection of adulterations, and the interest manifested generally among pharmaceutists in studying the character and acquiring a correct knowledge of the crude constituents of the materia mcdica. Every changed position of the intestines or other abdominal instructions organs may cause pain: hence, in adhesions to the stomach, pain NEW YORK ACAD KM Y OF MEDICINE.


The facilities now oflered for operative and laboratory work, even at the remotest posts, oS'er opportunities for every young surgeon to high distinguish himself, and the preliminary training at the army training school does much to fit the men for such work.