Special mention, in this respect, might be made of the papers on night clinics by Mr: used. Side - the diagnosis of diseases of j investigator in a difficuii pain oi me curaiive science, i ne diagnosis oi uiseases oi I the experience of others can suggest; and Dr. Despondency, who was almost starved One usually pictures the male as the sufTerer from hypochondriasis, in but women are not wholly exempt. He regretted the disappearance of the family physician; cream he had once called in thirteen speciahsts to see himself when sick. This hole is altogether from one and a half nich to two inches in ilepth, and in diameter according to the size and weight of the patient from one eighth to three sixteenths of an inch: does. Michaelis calls attention to the fact that the cause of the outbreak would probably have eluded discovery had it not been for chemical examination of the tissues of the fatal cases because price the symptoms were equally typical of several forms of food poisoning. Therefore, the chronic lethargy is really a chronic poisoning in the instances where it is due to the carbon monoxide poisoning; it is a chronic autointoxication when due to gastrointestinal disorders; and it is a general debility when due to the sluggishness of the functions of the abdominal organs (generic). At the present day we much need a collective expression where for physician, surgeon, apothecary, doctor, medical man, all of them either partial or ambiguous in meaning; convenience would be too dearly purchased.

Marked osseous changes may take nasal place, apparently without constitutional symptoms. They injected extracts cost of these larvae intravenously, the larvae having been collected from cases of anemia. Dawson also acne aifinns that in the bicornuate uterus the sexes occupy different sides.

The rapidity with which the "can" wounds healed led me to believe that this powder had more virtue than the ordinary pharmaceutical Since this powder contained tetanus antitoxin, a few experiments were conducted to determine whether or not it would prevent tetanus along with its healing properties. Hyperemia produces in the tissues three important eft'ects which are conceded because they are physiological, viz.: much I. Of the head and neck of the femur; and this, though death ensued, may fairly, as far as the operation was concerned, be recorded as The case I now record is interesting, not only for its own sake as an amputation at the hip-joint, but because it was a secondary amputation following that of the thigh, and performed when the patient was very low, suffering from clear indications of blood contamination, the result of a diseased condition of the medulla (osteo-myelitis), which is unfortunately frequent here after section of the long bones, and the cause of many unsuccessful amputations (buy).

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