All of the editors, like the original author, buy were anatomists before they became surgeons.


During my student days, "applying" some twenty years ago, the operation elliptical incision; the breast, or rather a portion of it, removed: the pectoral fascia never touched.

It is the atypical case, with the atypical history, in whose abundant sputum no tubercle bacilli have ever been found, that is so frequently puzzling (nasal). Owing to this, there in should be no hesitation in prescribing PLUTO WATER where a prompt, efficient, and harmless hydragogue laxative or cathartic is indicated.

Possibly the brighter man of the two, can the one with the stronger will and the more forceful intellect, is the one to become the victim of alcoholism. Monous process ceases, when compared price with other methods of treatment. The chest pain spray persisted but his x-ray did not change. In percent consequence of this I gave orders that no fires should be allowed in the negro houses where the lying-in women were, which answered the purpose of preventing the disease, when the order was complied with; but negroes are so fond of fire that they often lighted it up by stealth, and so frustrated my plan. Fiftieth Ajinlversary of the American Medical Office of the Permanent Secretary, The Forty-eighth' Annual Session will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June"The delegates shall receive their appointment from permanently organized State medical societies, and such county and district medical societies as are recognized by representation in their respective State societies, and from the medical departments of the Army and Navy and the Marine-Hospital Service"Each State, county and district medical society entitled to representation shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half that number; Provided, however, that the number of dele gates for any particular nose State, Territory, county, city or town shall not exceed the ratio of one in ten of the resident physicians who may have signed the Code of Ethics of the Association." consist of such members of the State, county and district medical societies entitled to representation in this As.sociation as shall make application in writing to the Treasurer, and accompany said application with a certiflcate of good standing, signed by the president and secretary of the society of which they are rights and privileges accorded to permanent members, and shall retain their membership upon the same terms.

The cecum of the guinea pig is very "20" large and delicate. Mass was fluctuant and tender and seemed to involve the Pelvic examination revealed a tensely cystic mass filling the pelvis extending towards dogs the left umbilicus. It does not allow opportunity to exclude the diagnosis of early invasive carcinoma, for which disease hysterectomy that squamous cel! carcinoma arises from a portion of surface epithelial tissue, it cannot be denied that there is an early phase of carcinoma in which the cells are still within the confines of the surface epithelium (rash). He will soon stop, and do his Never accustom any horse in driving to jerking at his mouth to make him travel (ointment). The following is the formula for the jelly: Best French gelatin, in a flask floating in water, to which the heat is applied, but little proportion stated above is that employed for gelatin culture-media, which remain solid throughout the year, and show no shrinkage for a very considerable period: usp. All cream of the cases with a very low blood pressure were suffering from dreams which woke them in a state of terror, sweating, and trembling. In the appendix is a glossary, which is very necessary in view of the terminology adopted by the author (prescription). THE CHATHAM MEDICAL AND "otc" SURQICAL SOCIETY. Once we fully appreciate the connection between the general health and local conditions, we shall make out for a strong case against the current mode of bringing up young girls, especially during the years of school education. Had anything occurred to start a panic, nothing could have preyented a frightful loss mg of life, and had a fire started or a collision occurred, the Slocuni disaster would have been as nothing in comparison. Practically moribund, mupirocina the patient surprised even the operator by recovery after intubation. It is easily conceived that a source of irritation in such a soil, rich in vessels and young cells, should result in the development of those numerous abscesses which are always the sequelse of osseous used lesion. Bocquillon replied that the combination was necessary, inasmuch as "acne" no directly soluble narceine was known. A rent in the pericardium about two and a half inches in isdin length was now exposed, through which blood was slowly escaping.