Software Tool Integration & Safety Critical User-Interfaces

A little assistance can have a big impact on software development teams; whether you want help with team operational efficiently, shortening deadlines, reducing development costs or improving quality – we can help.  Supporting avionics and safety critical- sectors by:

  • Software Process Improvement - through the integration of development tools
  • Support for Safety Critical User-Interface design - through consultancy and specialist tools.

Our user-interface development products are sold worldwide, with our services reach and flexibility enriched through our relationship with ALS Technologies.

User Interface Development

The quality of a product is often judged by the user-interaction experience. In the safety-critical world the development of great user interfaces can quickly head towards becoming a costly exercise. Our experts work alongside larger teams to provide expertise and focus on solving user-interface development problems, keeping costs down and reducing the time to maturity.

Dependable Solutions

With a track record of developing and supporting Real-Time, Safety Critical software for the defence and commercial sectors, on time and budget, you can trust us to deliver:

  • Complete Software Projects

  • Project Troubleshooting Consultancy

  • Software Development as a Service

Working to your (or our) Quality Assurance standards and processes.

Software Tool Integration

Enable your software team to work “faster” and “smarter” by integrating software development tools, in the way that best suits your established development process.

Bespoke tool “add-ins” and integrations developed by us, help you reduce time to market and improve software quality confidence.

Contact us for a consultation with independent advice provided to you at no obligation.