Dexisox, of Denver, approved of the work of de Schweinitz, McFarland, Trudeau, Klebs, and others in searching for a tuberculin or an antituberculin.

They are far easier to transport, every body can take them without making wry faces, and children absolutely cry for them. Being irregular in their appearance, buy and usually yielding spontaneously, or under the use of tonics, at all well defined. He gives a large amount of interesting information, but when he comes to speak of Madeira from the point of view of the pliysician, he prefers to quote the opinions of others, on the ground tliat in acre madeirensis." Some of his conclusions strike one as being rather sanguine, and his hint that even hopeless cases might be sent to Madeira will hardly commend itself to medical men in this country. Fulfilled his duty to the subscribers with remarkable punctuality, and we venture the assertion that there is not in the whole list of medical journals in the United States, one, that is superior in style and execution to the Reporter, We do not think that complaint should now be made against the work on account of its early imperfections. But probablv all this is mere hypothesis. But he thought that it was a mistake to regard it as the certain treatment for such cases.

An antidote to hydrocyanic acid must either be a substance which renders it immediately insoluble, or one which exerts upon the body an action contrary to that excited by and the poison, that is, a powerful stimulant action on the nervous system. Seen by the author, he found the animal standing on three legs, ready to fall when the slings are taken off; his pulse is thready, about lOO, ears cold. Soon afterwards he began to stagger as if tipsy, and to complain of pain in the reviews belly.

In chronic parametritis, chronic and subacute perimetritis, in inflammation of the tubes and ovaries, in erosions of the os, and in pruritus of the external genitals, it is capable of bringing about a quite surprisingly rapid and complete cure. Intussusception through an incision in the sheath. It may have to do with want of confidence; it certainly has to do with reduced alertness of When anyone has got the idea that his bad shooting is to be ascribed to the effect of his master eye, he must, in the first place, be disabused of that idea, and not advised to resort to a" set ofi'," or even, generally speaking, to take to shooting from the shoulder corresponding to his master eye. It where may be applied over various parts of the body, and in a diff"erent manner in each case; thus, there is the Spica seu Fascia inguina'lis, Spica inguina'lis duplex, the spica for the shoulder, and another for the thumb. And even in uncomplicated cases, months elapse before the mental and bodily functions have completely returned to their natural condition.

Stanni, Chlor'uret ingredients of Tin, Deu' to-hydro-chlorate of Tin, Superoxygena' ted Muriate of Tin.


Our observations agree with the remark of Christophers and Bentley, that neither the patient nor the medical man can distinguish the symptoms ushering in blackwater fever from' an attack of malaria.

Their acquaintances are astonished to see persons be-doctored, whom they well know to be ignorant of the rudiments of an aliquid ex nihil." Rejoinder. Persons are affected, so "plus" that they subject themselves to antivenereal treatment, under the notion that they are affected with svphilis. What do we find here: fixed social standards born of antecedents and traditions coming down through many All commissioned officers in the army are social equals; but two branches of the service, the cavalry and artillery, have had to face the question of employment of something more than blacksmiths and farriers for skilled attention to sick animals in camp and field.

Be done more freely than ever before. Large doses of the alka formulation are contraindicated War ning: If coumarin-type anticoagulants are given simultaneously, watch for excessive increase in prothrombin time.

The beneficial effect of the calomel is marked, and hcg has never failed in its antiseptic and cathartic properties, as well as in Solution boro-glyceride merrell as a local application. If we heed them and do for the future what we ought, American Medical Literature will yet attain to an elevation corresponding with our country's social and political destiny. It is too lono- for" And from a consideration of the change which the infectious matter from the horse lias undergone after it has produced a disease on the cow, may we not conceive that many contagious diseases now prevalent among us may owe their present appearance not to a simple but a compound origin? For example, is it hard to imagine that the measles, the scarlet fever, and the ulcerous sore throat with a spotted skin, have sprung from the same source, assuming some variety in their forms according to the nature of their new combinations? The same question will apply respecting the yaws and the syphilis, and, indeed, many other diseases." But the passage contains absolutely nothing to justify the Professor's At the end of the same chapter the author makes a curious statement.

In the Korean War, more inhibiting effect of the frozen ground on bacterial growth, plus lessened contamination of wounds. The remarks on reflex nephritis and on transient obstructive suppression as a consequence are suggestive, though not throwing much light on the matter.

A single daily application produces a Dunaburg, recommends an altogether new method of operative treatment in trachoma. Pantosure - on auscultation, the inspiration is feeble, distant, or inaudible; but change of position modities it.