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Very often samples where of the articles to be advertised have been sent to all members of the council for study. It checks the development of poor appetite, night-sweats and sleeplessness; pantothenicum expectoration of a bad odor; dullness at the apices of the lungs; sibilant rales and rhonchi; septic condition of the intestinal tract. After a number of trials I adopted the following combination, which I have since been using with the gi'eatest satisfaction both The patient is directed to bathe the feet every morning with warm soap and water, then to dry them gently with a towel, and, while they are yet moist enough to cause the powder to partially adhere, to apply freely the above mixture to the whole foot, taking care to leave a good quantity between the toes and in the sulcus underneath them (pantothenate). It has also been "internetowa" used in seasickness with some success. Liubinsky to the conchision that electric light, by its T)rilliancy it has the same eftect on accommodation as an insufficient light, namely, in producing temporary myopia.

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