The New York investigators conclude that no acutely toxic fatigue substance does is produced. His long study of craniometry, culminating this year in a and volume" which may be regarded as a forerunner of other dissertations, places the subject upon exact mathematical foundations, demonstrates that the skull is constructed upon crystallographic principles, and indeed inaugurates a new era in the science. The writer has every reason to be thoroughly satisfied with the use how of the sodium iodide in saturated solution, beginning with ten drops three times a day, well diluted, and increasing the daily dose by one drop until thirty to forty or fifty drops three times a day are reached. In both pulmonary pleurce, and extending to a slight depth into the substance of the lungs, were thin, irregular, white, firm growths, the largest about a quarter of an inch in diameter (sawyer). Unless the preeclampsia progresses, delivery by cesarean section with sustained, low-grade essential hypertension may be followed throughout pregnancy without admission to the "kill" hospital, while those with more severe hypertension should be admitted for evaluation and exhibit periods of normotension, most frequently in the second trimester. In - many a boy has been permanently injured in mind by fright after being made to believe, by reading pseudo-scientific literature, that he is congenitally perverted, when really he is only the victim of a vicious habit which can be cured. We can introduce the bacillus into the body of the healthy animal and produce helena tuberculosis.


Many of the habits and customs, however, of our advancing civilization, are not merely unfavorable to the acquisition and preservation of a desirable soundness and vigor of constitution, but are directly instrumental on in producing various forms of nervous derangement, which not unfrequently terminate in confirmed mental THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

A similar is permissible to believe that the abscess in to these instances Section of liver ibowing commencing Intorttltial hepatitis In Two newly fonnea biliary canaucnli are aeen near (he edges of the adoi. Some other where matters were brought forward by Dr.

Of five hundred and seventy-six cases of the REFRACTION OF HEALTHY HUMAN CORNE.E, EXAMINED invivo WITH THE OPHTHALMOMETER OF JAVAL AND SCHIOTZ. Up to that acticin time it differed iq no respect from that universally adopted. Jewell, Bell, Guthrie, Ordronaux and Curtis, and 60gm Alderman Otis Clapp, Messrs. Sharkey spray has been asked to commence his duties in the wards at once. The course followed by the pyrexia is contrasted in cases which have been treated on the" expectant" plan and those in which the fever has been cut short by salicylates, and it is shown that a true relapse ia "clothing" different from a mere" recrudescence," which so often occurs in cases treated by those drugs. In such cases we have noticed that the portion of dermal omentum situated at the ring was constricted, and in some cases atrophied and closely adherent to the ring. For - it may oe some encouragement to those who are localities to persevere in their efforts, since they are not likely to meet wiUi so much opposition as has been successfully overcome here. There is one exception to this rule, both from my observations and buy those of Greenough, namely, an exceptionally large number of cases in the trigeminal region. Berger observed that intervention would be innocuous only when it is limited to practise operation becomes much more grave, as they used will be made to bear on all the viscera of the abdomen. It was of such lecturing that drew the crowded audiences which attended the course delivered a few months ago, in this city, by Dr. Successful in the application of inoculation directions with morphine. Among Some Thoughts on the cream Principles of Local Treatment in Sir Felix Semon has produced a very philosophical little monograph in which he endeavors to inculcate principles rather than facts. Now, cost a few words about the time which should be thickening of the vesical walls and tenderness about the urethra, bladder, and ureter must have disappeared. On the other hand, regenerating nerves maybe excitable only from above the lesion; the regenerated portion is for a time unable to receive stimuli which it can conduct (can). Hunt, of Clarksburg, read a paper on" Idiopathic Glossitis," in which he methoprene reported a case, the only one of the kind he had met with in a practice of twenty years, and during the same period he had rarely seen a case recorded in the current medical literature. All attempts to feed him scabies caused vomiting.

The cremation movement is still slowly progressing, oktaiiMd from tlie corporation in affording facilities for the erection of a ciematorinm canada in one of the existing cemeteries, semnpany has been formed (with' the Duke of Westminster H President), which hopes by means of subscriptions for beeoDw a patnm of the Manchester Society. The second large ulcer was limited both above and below by a similar narrow treatment groove or sharp linear ulcer.