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No simple neuritis of the fifth nerve or disease of the ganglion will explain the increased radial tension preceding or accompanying the pain, or the flushing of the face, or the pain felt in some instances in the occipital region, or the fact that the usual pain areas do not coincide with the areas of distribution of the fifth as worked out from the areas of anaesthesia caused by paralysis of the fifth, or yet again the fact that compression of the common carotid gives temporary relief from the pain and that ligature has cured it: 500. X- i- sutorii et diluuntur, ubi sirve est utendum. John who had been in Mercer's Hospital from the fir.st appearance of the effects disease, and who had severe.symptoms from two soft sores, accompanied by suppurating bubo. It simply distnibsthe child, and, in my opinion, has no good effect upon the disease (side). He is seventy years of age; whatever ambitions he may have cherished in early life have been amply satisfied and he has practically retired from the field of scientific work (online).


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The patient is placed in an erect la position, with both arms extended, horizontally, on the level with the shoulders.

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