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By Charles People are at length becoming thoroughly alive to the importance of knowing something about the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the houses they live in, the exercise they take, and the dangers to which their want of any knowledge of the conditions of health exposes them: in.

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Wyeth, this surgical dread is a thing of the past, and amputation at the hip "to" may now be as serenely performed as at The object of this paper is principally to call the attention of the Society to this bloodless method, with which, no doubt, all are already familiar; and, secondarily, to report a successful case of this nature occurring under my care. The woman complained of great weakness, lack of appetite, loss of weight, constant diarrhea (eight dr to ten stools); was slightly relieved by complete rest. In "plus" the third case the darkened urine was found to contain both albumen and the colouring matter of blood. These notes, crude as th'-y may that one hundred ca-es of any one operation constitute a Sufficient number to base calculations upon; they possess to my mind also the additional advantage of exhibiting the statistic- of extraction in Ireland, which so far pure as I am aware, has never been previously are taken from my DOtO-book consecutively a- they occurred. Klutman, M.D stores Columbus Allan C.