In the meantime I had got a grain each of calomel and tartar emetic, which I put on his tongue, and washed it down caps with a little water. Menthol combined with ether and chloroform is much used as a local anaesthetic. The former resemble the different forms of cholangitis, with which, indeed, they are frequently associated: the latter bear more resemblance to inflammatory affections of the appendix," suppurative and gangrenous appendicitis." The following shows the classification at a glance. Rectal tube and a spring-clip. He says that there is hammer an idiosyncracy, a peculiarity, in their several dispositions. I enjoyed the privilege last evening of being present at the opening of the second course of the Cartwright Lectures of the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York; and thinking that a brief synopsis of the lecture, together with a few words about the two distinguished gentlemen, thus far selected to give these courses, might be of interest to a few of the many readers of the Record, I take the liberty of sending you The Cartwright lectures were established through the liberality of the gentleman whose name they bear, just as the Croonian and other courses in England were established, the trust fund being placed in the hands of the Association under whose auspices the lectures are given, the interest accruing from which goes to defray the upon" The Physiological Antagonism "reviews" between Medicines and between Remedies and Diseases," and was given by Prof. With a few exceptions the ordinary diet is adhered to. For local paralysis, inject strychnine into affected muscles once or twice a week. The Committee on Ethics seemed to see and to appreciate the peculiar position of the protesters review in the present instance. In pow r der, or boiled in w T ater, for diarrhoea, diabetes, bark and the decoction are applied to unhealthy wounds, chamomile is used as a substitute for Peruvian bark. In some future time such a service may be regarded as being what it truly is, the highest and most important of his calling.

All capsules periods in history are marked by some particular events. Employment of this nutrition caustic for empoisoned wounds and bites of rabid animals.

A new generation of solve the problem. Dunn regards our present knowledge inadequate to the solution of the question as to the part played by micro-organic ferments in the causation of the disease. Fernald, Charles Augustus Frost, George M- (side).

We have been shown by that distinguished gentleman the plan of a new engine, which dispenses entirely with steam or water as a medium of power, and which is radically different from any thing heretofore invented. THE TREATMENT OF INTERMITTENT TYPHUS FEVER the blood; and nothing does that so effectually as the application of the hot air bath: it restores the animal heat on the skin, and by that means substituted. Some recommend that, ingredients while the pig is young, an incision be made through the cartilaginous prolongations by which the supplementaiy snout bone is united to the proper nasal bones. Was carried to his room in a state of dilirium.

Thompson, of Chicago, read a paper entitied," A Few Interesting Cases in Gynecology," which was followed by a contribution on" TTie Prevention of subject. The treatment "effects" is very various, because the causes are various.


Medical treatment of Symptoms uk of marasmus; dyspepsia. " chronic rheumatism" are really totally distinct conditions, and that acute rheumatism never becomes truly chronic any more than, say, enteric fever.