The vehicles having been collected by a company of cavalry, a few army wagons loaded with cooked provisions and other supplies were added, and we set out about eleven o'clock, Thursday night, the train consisting of about one hundred hacks, forty omnibuses, wagons and other vehicles, and half a dozen army wagons: fx.

Below I submit a few clinical histories told as briefly as possible, which will illustrate the eflicacy of the treatment here advocated. Finds that glucose and saccharose produce in the isolated heart an augmentation of systolic excursion; levulose, a slowing of the rhythm, accompanied sometimes by increase of the excursion; lactose manifests sometimes a perturbation of rhythm, at other times an increase of excursion without change of rhythm. At the end of about an hour, I succeeded in getting sufficiently near one of edmonton them to be understood. He was chosen as visiting chair professor in surgery at the University of Washington Medical School in Seattle for two Dr.

Ab - while I could not dispense efficient service during our arduous labors, and that too much praise cannot be awarded to Thomas J. From these observations and from clinical findings he draws numerous conclusions of interest. Owing to a deficiency of transportation, as well as to the difficulties of loading a number of cars in the confined depot at that place, a portion of the wounded of each train were placed in the churches, which st were fitted up as field hospitals. Supplement - but be it known to them, that neither to me nor them all things have been difcovered, but that yet many wonderful works of Nature arc hidden to us: and bcfidesthat I amnotthefirft that writ of Vitriol and its medicine. I The will of the late Isaac M. But to make the plan a success the State Society must have the hearty co-operation of all the local societies.

Some patients who have refractory SVT prefer a trial of every antiarrhythmia drug, including investigational drugs, before surgery is considered. For more information contact: Marge and Dewey Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska conjunction with the Omaha Mid-West spouses, faculty and friends are cordially Dinner, Nebraska Room, Red Lion Inn.

The spasmodic contraction may involve not only the muscular wall of the stomach but also the gastric arterioles. The etiology of the condition is not well understood; but we do know that there is an excessive proliferation of bone cells at that special cartilage, and that, instead of forming true bone, they ingredients protrude to one side and accumulate there. Barker: Yes; as you are close to the patient you can see of the umbflicus I can see and feel a lump the size of a hen's egg. Laforde, A., apparatus employed in radium Lambert, S.

Consultative review on autopsy material at most hospitals is all too uncommon.


Roideum siccum) made official from mi'k-sugar triturate of the thyroid even less, three times daily may be ad- advantage of definite strength, it is vantageously used, even in the adult, devoid of extraneous matter.

The rapid regeneration of the tendon is due in large measure to surrounding connective-tissue cell elements. It often happens that hospital treatment and restraint is the only measure that has any promise of permanency. The National Pellagra Commission, have this year again undertaken to supply funds for the continuance of that work. The only signs of regenerative activity reported lie in the diffuse basophilia. The symptoms produced are those usual in widespread or thrombosis of the cerebral vessels, etc. A history of the discovery of astigmatism and eyestrain, with a discussion of its indications and responsibilities, completes the work. Of these, five died, aud eight hundred "albert" and thirty-eight were sent by railroad to the hospital at City Point.

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