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She stated that she was afraid to get pregnant again, because she had so much abdominal discomfort during pregnancy. It seemed to be agreed that they were competent to control large arteries, but that bend the assumption that they produced less irritation than ligatures was not proven, and required careful and unprejudiced trial in a variety of cases. He had explained this fact for liimself liy the opinion of Claude B.'riuird, that secretions "marcos" in general are under the control of the motor nerves.

The question of legal liability or evidence are the "xanax" exclusive province of the attorney. As time elapses the dark-red mass passes into a chocolate-brown pulp, composed of liquefying blood-clot and disintegrated nervous matter. Ous by red redmond hair, of a girl admitted this day fortnight, into Victoria Ward. Swab the wound or wounds and surrounding skin with tincture of iodine and then apply a dressing inc of sterile gauze or other sterile material. Perhaps it is withdrawal a testicle tliat has swelled under the straps and will die if not relieved of the constriction; or it is an impacted gallstone that imperatively demands surgical intervention.

Work of the International Temperance Bureau and the American branch at Boston, the object of which was to gather and tabulate all facts and statistics concerning the The World's' Temperance Centennial Congress, which a gathering of delegates from thirty-two different temperance organizations in this country and Europe, for a general conference and to commemorate the centennial of of this congress invited the Society for the Study of Inebriety to hold a meeting at the same time and place so that the leading philanthropists and temperance men might have an opportunity to hear oregon the results of scientific study by this body.


A pain, supposed to have been pleurodynia, necessitated an examination of the chest, when the heart was found to be on the right Dr (can't). The lower lid being drawn downwards, the knife is cai'ried along tlie entire length of the conjunctival cul-de-sac. The patient was a man who was examined early and found to liave a simple detacliment of the retina caused l).v a growth underneath (diego).

There has been san a constant succession of hypotheses, which have been received as working theories, on which therapeutic methods have been based with more or less success; but each of these has been in its turn set What then are we to do? On the one hand we have the vasomotor theories upon which is based a therapeusis, logically deduced therefrom, which has afforded highly satisfactory results, evoking, in fact, genuine enthusiasm wherever it is put intelligently to work. Or - edited by The first part of the StndfART op BCedical Sciences will be ready April Ist, and will be published semi-annually. W.: Psychophysiologic Approach in Medical Pract i Protects man from his own hungry pernality.