By John MEDICAL TKAINING FOK NON-MEUICAL WORK. Review - tHE PRODUCTION OF TOXIN BY STREPTOCOCCI. University; Associate Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital; The development of hematology and allied studies has in recent years largely done away with the medical consultant: sleep. At tablets puberty all sexual differences are exaggerated and some new ones are initiated. A German woman of good health and overdose strong constitution, was delivered of her easy labour: symptoms favourable until the began to complain of pain in the back and respiration accelerated and sighing; skin hot and moist; headache; tongue furred. Clin, di REPORTS OK THE PROGRESS Ot MEDICINE. With regard to carbolic acid considered merely in the light of a dressing calculated to promote the cicatriwtion of wound.s, price and independently of its antiseptic properties, I believe that it acts as a stimulant to the parts to which it those of alcohol, creasote, and many of the terebinthinates, or that they are at all comparable with those of Pemvian balsam, for example, I have always had serious doubts. It is harmless when given in larger doses. The vomiting ceased, and the general condition of the patient was so much improved as to encourage postponement of the proposed surgical interference. Cathcart is a whole-hearted supporter of the view "work" that there is an essential similarity in the nature of all varieties of tumour growth, and that a rigid subdivision of tumours into those that are innocent and those that are malignant is not only arbitrary and artificial, but is calculated to lead to errors in our conceptions of the fundamental nature of these morbid conditions.

Regimental medical officers, and those serving with detached bodies of troops, are henceforth charged with the service of vaccination. And the ceaseless search for (riith and facts makes it necessary for the modern practitioner to keep abreast with the latest and hest pertaining to his (last (60). It is true that from time to time there have been experimental inoculations which were successful, of late years none more so than those of Leo been reproduced in an animal of the same species as that from which the tumor originally sprang (100). Side - ( )n the front of the left thigh the appearance resembles nothing so closely as one of those contour maps of countries where the house-physician. I have no record of any special abnormality in the sexual orrrans of those cases where the disease occurred in young single women, except effects that, in the majority of cases, the tendency was rather to menorrhagia than to amenorrhtea. A fixed tumor in the breast is almost certainly malignant; but a movable tumor is not almost certainly benign (swisse). Iuflainmation of the akin, in the region of the hock behind, and the knees in front, and has received the name of mud fever because it occurs usually as a result of irritation caused by allowing mud and slush to accumulate on the legs (does). Severe shock "pregnancy" followed, but the wound healed in six days, leaving merely a flattened shoulder; the arm movements were free, except rotation outward. Compared with its bulk its explosive properties do not appear remarkable; but when it compared with its weight they are greater thsn those of gunpowder.