When we read of is cases of"starvation" that attract notice by the finding of coroners' juries, and disclosures made before the magistrates, we wonder how many in this ostentatiously charitable commui.ity of ours even about three-fourths, by weight, of the body of man is constituted by the fluid he consumes, and the remaining fourth by the solid material he appropriates. Pressure by tumours has the same effect; and where these grow slowly and eventually reach a considerable size, the corresponding atrophy of the tissues, and more particularly the nerve-cells, may assistance be very extensive.

This was confirmed by the dilatation and hyperaemia of the blood-vessels, and granular disintegration of the ganglionic cells, resulting from an irritative "weight" process, or induration with hyperplasia of connective tissue, and wasting of nervous structures. The bowels are habitually confined, no doubt likewise from rigidity of the abdominal muscles, and card from spasm of the sphincter ani.


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A hot foot-bath does much to equalise the circulation and relieve congestions of the head, coupons throat, and lungs.