Teinture de lobelie enflee, Fr; Lobeliatinktur, G. The author discusses the possibility of a favourable action being exerted on internal organs, such as the kidneys, etc., when 100mg large quantities of tannin can thus be introduced in the body without inconvenience.


Beverly Robinson, of New York, says that nitre and spirit mindererus are the most innocent and most valuable of all anti-febricants, and that when they do not abate fever in disease it usually means that it depends upon conditions that time and knife alone can change favorably. Suet is also occasionally used in Europe for this purpose.

Masses of fat deposited in the subserous, subperitoneal tissue, gradually insinuate themselves between the fibres of the septum crurale causing the absorption thereof until they are covered by the superficial fascia only: the more advanced masses of fat now enlarge and glide forward and downward the peritoneum following, and thus gradually the femoral sac is formed. This amount seems to be in direct ratio to the energy of the peristalsis. The best quality of scammony is known in commerce as virgin scammony. In the fourth rabbit (the last which had been inoculated) there were, chiefly in the left lung, tubercular deposits of the size of a pea, projecting on the surface. They are too improvident, too altruistic, too likely to forget the all-important problems of finance: trazonil.

We now have mg records of several similar cases in which the usual metastases of osteogenic sarcoma failed to occur after radiation, although the preoperative irradiation properly done does not interfere with healing, and it usually improves the general condition of the patient, particularly one that is losing blood, as in a case of carcinoma of the cervix, for the hemorrhages stop almost immediately and the patient improves rapidly, both physically and mentally. The tympanic loudness at the lower portion of the left chest, could be easily explained by supposing that the abdominal viscera had been forced upwards into the chest. These changes are probably progressive, and if they can be arrested before the disorganization is complete life may be saved. Those splendid teachers at Rochester, to whom all honor and glory is justly due, have undoubtedly done the greatest work in stimulating this desire for knowledge and advancement.

A primary operation was refused. P)ELL, of Brooklyn, had been intimate with yellow fever in Vera Cruz, had had it himself, had seen it on the coast of Africa, and was satisfied that it was not a contagious disease. By Frederick Hoffmann, Analytical Chemistry in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. During that time erysipelas has attacked no case in which chloride of zinc had been used, although numerous patients affected with the disease have been admitted into wards containing surgical patients. As the proper method of treating the so-called incurable insane is a subject upon which there is a diversity of oi)inion, and as those opinions have been recently, to a considerable extent, called out, the following extract is particularly" Nearly all chronic cases are susceptible of improvement by hospital treatment, and many patients of long standing, who have never had the advantages of suitable treatment, if placed in hospitals might be restored, who would other wise continue insane for the remainder of their lives. Thus in reality, aeration seems to stand in the same relation to alimentation and life action generally, as the air or tablet draught does to combustion and its attendant phenomena. Either silkworm or "tab" catgut may be used as suture material. Give the sites and the pathology 50 of varicose veins. Cinchona, iodide of potassium, or colchicum; he had given it also a day, the resin being of about four times the strength of side guaiacum itself. But as he had always, through a long professional career, immediately published any innovation which he had believed to be practically useful, so he would continue unto the end. All the patients, who were in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, aborted and recovered. Haas recommends the following 100 ointment: Dr. My recent removal from Frankfort-on-the-Oder to Neu-Ruppin I have been able to carry out without "effects" the slightest inconvenience, which was quite unexpected." The comparative experimental results of the action of lysidin and piperazin as uric acid solvents have been alluded to under A new proprietary compound with lithium has been introduced, which is assumed to act more effectually iu this combination than separately. When the bag is empty, it collapses, and can be folded with its ropes into a small, compact bundle, so that it is admirably "uses" sidapted for cavalry campaigning and onenight camps.