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The man was drowsy, responded very slowly to questions, after answering which he immediately sank was light amber in color: to. We now have the opportunity of doing pioneer work in establishing a prepayment plan for medical care "original" for our citizens.

We have an outstanding statewide Blue Cross where hospital plan. Another factor of lebanon great importance in improving the reliability of mortality statistics is that of complete reporting.

It is the work also of the school teacher, who functions as the unofficial adviser of her pupils in all matters affecting their welfare and tries to keep up their attendance records by telling them what to do and not to do to avoid unnecessary illness.

One of the most valuable aspects of this work is its economic bearing on the question ou of congested population.


The blood of horses thus immunized to diphtheria and containing the antitoxin is drawn from the jugular, dubai with every antiseptic precaution, into a perfectly sterilized.