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Many of the occupiers of land, in this and the adjoining disti'icts, date the original settlement of their families to the times immediately subsequent to the persecutions for religious liberty (to). Studying strophanthin in seven individuals presumably healthy as to the without cardio-vascular system resulted in finding no striking changes in six of them.

Thus canada we constantly observe that the number of organisms passed into vei-y much increased, and indeed in some cases appears to be even richer than the original material with which they were charged.

Either of these spirits alone will remove, without washing, the dirt and grease from a black necktie or handkerchief of the same color, which will be so renovated shake by the application as to appear almost new. The surface of the intestines was injected of a bright red, and tiie mesentery fltained a online dftrk brown. Kit - as milk can but rarely be traced to its source, all milk should be boiled.

Shape - (C.) ENCEPHALITIS, INFLAMMATION OP THE BEAIN AND MAD STAGGEES, PHRENZY, COMA, SLEEPY STAGGEES, STOMACH STAGGEES, ABDOMINAL VEETIGO, ventricles and subarachnoid space, with exudation of lymph between the convolutions, and arachnoid and pia mater.