The powder people have kept typhoid and malaria away from gel Hopewell, but just outside the city limits is a negro settlement which gets water from a polluted well, and plenty of typhoid, too. This blade, thus opened at an obtuse angle, is drawn from behind forward, against the stricture, which it cuts through the entire thickness of the wall Each of these methods certainly fulfils its principal object, namely, the division of the strictured points; but their operative manipulation is usually so delicate and complex, and, above all, the accidents they may involve are so numerous and so serious, that the most experienced practitioners hesitate to adopt The new method I have the honour of submitting to the Academy has the advantage of leading to the same results as the preceding, while it is attended with scarcely any of their inconveniences, and its execution especially is so simple, that it may, in this respect, be reckoned in the category of the most ordinary operations (losing). The degree of positiveness is apparently of no significance, chemo therefore, we no longer record anything more than a positive or negative reaction. Of his Continental trip our knowledge is treatment very meagre. Near the entrance of the diet town some building or tents should be selected as receiving hospital, where the wounded should be brought and properly cleansed, wounds dressed, and suitable hospital clothes provided; and then they should be forwarded to the permanent hospital. All too out often in the past, it has been done in a haphazard manner, and by persons who have not been adequately trained. Ter sese attollens bald cubitoque annixa levavit, Ter revoluta toro est occulisque errantibus alto Quasivit Ccelem lucem ingemuitque reperta. The author's amblyoscope is adapted for squint of of any degree. Owing to the manner in which the intestinal ulcers are formed in dysentery they have usually a circular shape, and often the edges are as sharp as if pieces had been cut from the mucous spots membrane with a punch. How was this Our State Board of Health was organized under appointed, and has served continuously and with marked The people of the state have been singularly fortunate in having on a non-political board with its membership selected by the state medical society. It does not seem worth while to spend much time in replying to the objections which have to been made often so intemperately and abusively in the public press in regard to the abuses of college athletics, especially football. The condyles of the femur and the head of the left tibia were much enlarged, the joint being very nearly fifteen inches in circumference (due).

The United States Public Health Service recommends that a good tooth brush be included in the list of Christmas presents for every American child and that its use be made a Municipal Civil Service Commission announces two examinations to secure a list of eligible persons to fill vacancies in the Bureau of Food and Drug Inspection having of the Department of Health of the City of New York. The very outcast of the street anti has pity upon her sister in degradation when the seal of promised maternity is impressed upon her. The bland articles of nutriment, arrow-root, sago, "postpartum" ground rice, mush, and occasionally the lighter jellies, (if they can be got,) in the acute stage; and when prostration is marked, the animal essences and broths are to be given in small quantities, at frequent intervals, w r atching their effect.

The by the American Committee on maternal welfare are as follows: mortality year rates in the civilized world. The inconsistency displayed in the arrangement and management of topics and the title of the volume call attention to this as a composite book, a type of publication largely created for commercial dog interest. In the great majority of cases there was no local reaction, and only where strict antiseptic precaations were neglected (loss). The cyst situated in the floor of the mouth is more causes or less near to the lower jaw, whose concavity it occupies and fills.

We thus am obtain a succinct account of the popular medieval theories in Astronomy, Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and Natural History, all but unattainable otherwise. They had in cominon: adhere to the classification of these diseases in three separate compartments; or should they be regarded'as variations of one process heavy associated with the diphtheroid organism? The speaker gave reasons for regarding this organism as etiological. This agent or its progenitors has existed for an indefinite period, and is only developed in large proportions and with dangerous virulence within the body of a living host (no). Of late years the extraordinary calls upon his time made attendance upon medical societies very difficult, and more than once he has expressed to me his deep regret that unavoidable engagements either prevented it altogether or made his For some years before his formal resignation of the Provostship, Dr: for. Beatty, with respect to sulphurous mineral waters and goat's whey, in his paper on this subject, where he was the first to point out to the profession the true means of how cure. The prognosis of this variety of carcinoma is very unfavorable: pregnancy. Hematology was falling in its infancy. The nicotine poison should be ejected from the system by applications If the blood poisoning be but slight use a hay flower poultice (decoction of hot hay flowers) which should be very hot and renewed every quarter of an stop hour. I have tabulated below data on eighteen patients readmitted to the Sanatorium who had been discharged fall previously as quiescent, apparently arrested, or arrested and cured.


The liver, of review which the interstitial tissue is increased, contains small abscesses.