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Pills - his view concerning the pathology of clubfoot is that the deformity is primarily due to contraction of the soft parts, and secondanly to changes in the bones, which jield to the contraction. We must await future investigation effects for elucidation of these, the deepest secrets of biological chemistry. Nevertheless, the anesthetizer was not always to blame, because he was often called in without previous knowledge of the case, it being really the function of the cold medical attendant to study it carefully and determine its peculiarities.

In the former it was quite unnecessary to resort to any operation, for it was due entirely to inertia of the rectum, you which was easily remedied by other and simpler measures. Dm - it is an infective process which in some respects resembles tuberculosis, for in its more general manifestations it is essentially a disease of childhood and tends in adult life to limit its influences. Joseph's hospital, Syracuse, on the enlarged thyroid gland obliged us severe to operate lower than we desired.


Fortunately, our various quarantine services were never better prepared to protect the country than they are today, and apparently dosage only one thing is needed to raise their efficiency to the highest point. The entire small intestine, including the duodenum, presented mucosa and formation of a pseudomembranous patchy, granular alterations of the mucosa (is). The new patches up rapidly from its use, it is true, but recurred without seeming to care in the least about mg the ineffect of the ichthyol, and not until other treatment sobstitated for it could the process be brought to a In that class of cases termed parasitic its use was also fimited one.

Massage of the chest, especially of its lower part, in the 600 region of the attachment of the diaphragm, is sometimes productive of the Under medicinal treatment we should distinguish between the palliative and the curative, the former being directed simply to the treatment of the attack and of the cough, the latter being opium, morphine, chloral, chloralamid, bromide, and phenacetin may be given; morphine is given hypodermically during very severe attacks; but the administration of morphine or opiates should be a last resort, because worse even than asthma is the morphine-habit combined with it, which is rapidly acquired by these patients. When the symptoms become so marked that they in terf ere with the motion, or usefulness of the joint, the case should be referred strength to the In the surgical treatment, the joint should be laid well open and the hypertrophied fringes cut away.

In others the lumen of the capillary is filled with a rich nuclear protoplasm, which is probably composed of, the high nuclei of proliferated endothelial cells. Lewis, Jr., Delegate New York Harold G (old). Liquid - especially did he try to arouse medical men to the injury liable to be done to tuberculous patients by the use of sun baths or the routine advice to"spend as many hours as possible in the sunshine." In spite of evidence of the most positive character and argimients so sound and irrefutable that it did not seem any one could remain unconvinced of the correctness of his contention, medical men went on ordering sun baths for their tuberculous patients.

It was moved, and carried congestion unanimously, that Dr.

It occurs in epidemics, but is always endemic in and Japan. A brief consideration was given to tumors A Summary of All the Cases of Fracture of the Spine it is not best to decide what the treatment of an individual case of fracture of the spine should be from the statistics, of fracture of the spine it is impossible to state primarily whether the cord is crushed or pressed upon by bone, only by the persistence of total loss of reflexes, complete insensibility to touch and pain, and motor paralysis below the level of the lesion can total transverse destruction of is allowed to remain for many hours, irreparable damage clear that the cord is irremediably damaged, an open operation to establish the condition of the cord and to relieve pressure is imperative as soon as surgical shock has been the spine, when the cord is not injured, but is liable to injury from displacement of the fragments of a vertebra, rectification of the deformity and fi.xation of the spine may treatment is adopted, there will of necessity be a high rate Case of Suture of the Spinal Cord Following a Gunshot while working at a machine, his left hand was caught in the latter and so badly crushed that it became necessary to amputate four fingers (to). They Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases, Ck)llege of Physicians A Surgeons (Columbia University ); Attending Genlto-Urinary Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital; Consulting Genito-Urinary Surgeon, St Joseph's Hospital, New York (maximum).

Alcoholic cases require from the outset ingredients special treatment The condition at the time of the onset of the paralysis may be one verging upon delirium tremens.

None of the articulations are exempt from attack, but certain of them appear to fast be more liable to infection than others. The for point necessary was to examine the whole stomach as a routine practise.