It is the duty of men pretending to be surgeons to qualify themselves for all the high functions of their profession, and gentlemen thus qualified will not cut for stone where it indesiderati can be removed by another From the chapter on the operation of lithotomy we make but a single extract, which contains advice which we deem"No part of the operation of litho-cystotomy," he remarks,"requires to be done with more feeling and judgment than the extraction of the stone; the operator should do this gently, patiently and thoughtfully, guarding against the use of more force than the lining soft parts can be expected to bear without resenting the injury by subsequent inflammation, suppuration, or sloughing; without lacerating, he should dilate the wound, in order to bring the stone through it, pulling with the forceps from side to side, or downwards and upwards, according to the direction of the blades by a movement similar to delivering with the forceps in a case of midwifery. But its employment is so abhorrent to the feelings of our countrywomen, that we doubt whether it will sicura find much encouragement or become so general with us as in France, where things are conducted after a very different fashion. Those not engaged in practical depot work will attend drill and pill lectures.

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Though no surgeon ever operated more adroitly than himself, or taught the art in higher perfection to others, that was far cost from being his favorite mode of practice.

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The activity of prezzo the kidney is not to be looked upon as a single function, but rather as the sum total of a number of relatively independent separate functions, as elimination of water, sodium chloride, urea, uric acid, creatinine, etc. The extensive experience of the author of has enabled him to produce a book valuable to both practitioner and student.

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